Jinger Duggar is trying to be the perfect wife for her husband, Jeremy Vuolo. Unlike her elder sister Jana Duggar, who takes over the household, Jinger’s interest is in photography and playing the piano. Also, unlike her married sisters Jill and Jessa Duggar, she has dreamed of living in a big city. She left the Duggar Family to join her husband in Texas. Now that the “Counting On” star is married and has to take care of her husband, Jinger is trying to learn how to bake so she can serve something to her better-half.

Jinger bakes pumpkin muffin for Jeremy

On Wednesday, Jinger Duggar shared the recipe of her husband's favorite muffin on Instagram. According to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's daughter, she found the recipe online shortly after she got married. Since then she had started making them for Jeremy and it has become his all-time favorite.

Jinger shared a few snapshots of her baked pumpkin muffins and it looked delicious. Anyone who is fond of muffins will surely fall in love with it. Jinger is generous enough to keep her followers from guessing how she did it as she shared the recipe too. A number of her fans who find it yummy is interested to try the recipe too. Meanwhile, some followers share their pumpkin muffin recipe too.

One recommended adding chocolate chips.

While Jinger is still learning to manage her own household, her sister Jana, who remains single, excels on this job. In fact, Jana reportedly manages the household when Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar is not around. That's not all, she also extends her service to her siblings who are already married, including Josh Duggar, Jessa and Jill.

According to reports, Jana has been helping Josh raised her kids. She tend to her brother's children and pregnant wife when Ana was still expecting. Jana is also good in the kitchen. In fact, there was a photo where she taught the little Duggar kids how to bake pizza.

Jinger has been drifting away from the Duggar’s dress code

While Jinger is doing great in being a wife to Jeremy, many noticed that her manner of dressing has changed drastically. Jinger’s choice of clothing has violated the Duggars’ dress code. The Duggar ladies are prohibited to wear tight pants and shorts. They are very conservative and modest that they are only allowed to wear skirts. Whenever they wear pants, they should put on a skirt over it. But lately, Jinger is wearing pants and shorts.

Jinger was first spotted wearing knee-length shorts, which really surprised the family's followers.

After that, she has been spotted wearing pants multiple times. Many attributed this to Jinger finding her freedom now that she’s away from her family considering how strict the rules of the Duggars are.

Unfortunately, Jinger’s decision to wear pants did not sit well with her family. In fact, previous reports claim that it started a feud between her and sister, Jessa. However, the Duggar family never confirmed it.

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