Jinger Duggar is a rebellious Duggar. She is not the typical lady that one would find in the Duggar household in terms of her attitude and in her decision-making. She is very different from her older sisters Jana, Jill and Jessa Duggar. She’s not as equipped as Jana when it comes to managing a home and not as conservative as Jill and Jessa in terms of courting. Also, among the married women Duggars, she’s the only one who is still not pregnant or has a child. Her younger sister, Joy-Anna Duggar, who married Austin Forsyth last May, is already expecting, while Jill and Jessa already have two kids in their brood.

Here’s a list of the things that show Jinger’s uniqueness from the “19 Kids and Counting” clan, according to In Touch Weekly.

1. Jinger Duggar is different from her sisters

She violates the Duggar courting rules: Jinger and Jeremy were spotted hugging and getting more physical when they were still courting. The Duggars are limited to only doing side hugs to keep themselves from temptation, but Jeremy and Jinger were photographed in a frontal hug. In fact, even Michelle Duggar thought that her daughter was being too affectionate with her then-boyfriend than they preferred.

2. She moved away from the Duggars

After walking down the aisle, Jinger decided to leave Arkansas where she grew up, to live with Jeremy in Texas.

She left the Duggars, which Jessa and Jill never did. Jill and husband Derick Dillard lived in Ecuador for a year for their missionary activities but didn’t intend to live away from the Duggars. The couple is now back in Arkansas

3. She wears shorts and pants

The Duggars are very conservative in their manner of clothing. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar brought up their kids with strict rules.

Ladies are only allowed to wear skirts. They can wear shorts or pants but still need to wear a skirt or a dress over it. But Jinger no longer follows this after leaving the Duggar household. In fact, Jinger has been photographed wearing shorts and tight pants on several occasions.

4. She shows off her shoulders

Aside from not wearing shorts and pants, Duggar ladies are not allowed to wear any revealing dresses.

They are expected to cover almost every part of their body, including their shoulders. But Jinger doesn’t care anymore and she has been spotted wearing sleeveless multiple times.

5. She is still not pregnant

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s children are brought up in a conservative and traditional upbringing where sex is a taboo. Thus, when they get married, most of them immediately get pregnant just a few months after their wedding. It’s almost a year since Jinger and Jeremy exchanged their vows, but they are still not pregnant. Meanwhile, Joy-Anna who just wed Austin four months ago is already expecting.

Will Joy-Anna Duggar follow her sister Jinger?

Aside from Jinger, her younger sister Joy-Anna has also violated the Duggar courting rules multiple times.

Joy-Anna and Austin admitted this. Since Joy-Anna is also showing a rebellious attitude, many wonder if she will follow Jinger’s choice of wearing pants.

According to her, it depends on her husband, Austin. Joy-Anna admitted that she has no sense of fashion. Christian Post mentioned that when she was still at the Duggar’s household she just put on whatever was in the closet. She also confessed that she was not comfortable with dresses, but her husband like her in them.