shannon beador has revealed that she's struggling in her marriage to David Beador. Even though Shannon reveals that things were going well with David after they renewed their vows last year, it sounds like her weight loss may have influenced their dynamic. Shannon revealed on "The Real Housewives of Orange County" that she was embarrassed that she had gained so much weight but she never thought that her marriage would be affected by it. Beador hinted that David was being critical of her. Her co-stars have noticed that things are wrong, as Shannon is lashing out at her co-stars.

While she's not admitting to her marital troubles, fans got a first-hand look at their conversations on last night's episode.

According to a new report, Shannon Beador is now revealing that an awkward scene with her husband was tough to watch. In fact, Shannon reveals she was annoyed with how things were playing out between her husband and herself. Beador's husband kept saying that she's was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and he was concerned that his daughters didn't get to experience a lifestyle where they learned the value of a dollar. Shannon was confused, as she has never flaunted her money.

Annoyed wife

"Watching the dinner scene with my family, I have to say I’m a bit annoyed. I cook dinner every night and I always have “options” for everyone.

We don’t get take out from “little taco stands.” Not sure why that was said," Shannon Beador explains in her Bravo blog, revealing that she doesn't understand why her husband was being so judgmental.

It did seem like David was trying to push some buttons and get her angry. He kept hinting that it was her fault that they had created a rich lifestyle for them and their daughters.

Putting the blame on Shannon doesn't solve the problem. If David Beador wants to try a different lifestyle for their daughters, he should take action. Plus, this kind of conversation should be had in private.

Did affair ruin everything?

Shannon Beador decided she should forgive her husband after he had an affair. She was shocked and angered by his actions, but she didn't want to get a divorce and become a statistic.

However, the recovery from the affair was rough. It has been years now and she's clearly still hurt by his decision to have an affair. It is possible that the affair ruined their marriage, and ruined her relationship with her husband.

What do you think about Shannon Beador's comments that her awkward conversation with her husband was actually annoying? Do you think she needs to have a private conversation with her husband to avoid more drama?