Jinger Duggar and Joy-Anna Duggar are both married. Jinger walked down the aisle in November 2016 and exchanged "I Dos" with Jeremy Vuolo. Joy-Anna followed and tied the knot with Austin Forsyth in May. Although Jinger is older than Joy-Anna, the latter is already expecting her first child while the former just enjoys her free time with her husband. It looks like the two sisters have different plans when it comes to starting their own family.

Jinger using contraceptives to delay pregnancy

When Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo tied the knot they confessed that having babies is not their priority.

Most Duggars jump right into parenthood after getting married. As for Jinger, she and Jeremy will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary in a few weeks' time and they are still without a child.

Jinger and Jeremy had a lavish wedding with 1,500 guests. Their big day was captured by cameras and was aired on TLC's "Counting On." It strictly followed the Duggar tradition. However, everything that happened after the nuptials has broken the mold, The Hollywood Gossip reported. The publication implies that Jinger is using birth control against her family's wishes.

The Duggar Family is popular for being conservative and traditional. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar used contraceptives after giving birth to their first child.

However, she later found out that she was pregnant again. Unfortunately, it was already too late. Michelle had a miscarriage. The couple blamed the incident on contraceptives and vowed to never use them again that’s why they have a huge brood that gave them their hit show “19 Kids and Counting.”

As for Jinger’s case, it seems unlikely that she will follow her mom's lead when it comes to that many kids.

Jinger is free-spirited and she does things in her own way. If she doesn’t want to have tons of kids she is free to do so, but that is so unlikely for a Duggar.

Joy-Anna wants to have many children

Unlike Jinger, Joy-Anna does what most fans expect from a Duggar, like getting pregnant after tying the knot. In fact, she overdid it because her pregnancy announcement was earlier than what their followers expected.

Joy-Anna and Austin just got married in May and after three months they announced that they are already expecting. This intensified the rumors that they had a shotgun wedding because their original wedding date was supposed to be in October.

As for having a big family, Joy-Anna is open to the idea. "We want as many as the Lord thinks we can handle," she said in an interview, Romper reported. “And we are putting it into his hands.”

Although Joy-Anna and Jinger have a lot of differences in their choices for their new family, both have similarities too: they violated the Duggar courting rules. After Joy-Anna’s wedding, she and Austin confessed that they have disobeyed Jim Bob’s curfew. There was a time when they stayed up late outside talking.

In addition to this, Joy-Anna broke the Duggar’s wedding tradition when she met Austin hours before their wedding ceremony in her wedding gown.

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