According to spoilers, confusion will rule and reign "General Hospital" this week. A number of Port Charles residents will be grappling with situations where they need definite answers. These include Patient 6, who has returned to town believing he is the real Jason Morgan. When, however, he sees Sam with Billy Miller's Jason he will have questions. There will be trouble in Maxie and Nathan's marriage, Curtis will run into a startling dilemma, and Franco will be having difficulty dealing with his past and even begin having nightmares.

Patient 6 and Franco need answers

Patient 6 has finally made his way to Port Charles and is seeking answers. He seems to be aware of everything that Jason would know, has the face of the original Stone Cold, and "General Hospital" spoilers say he will go to Sam's home. Is this proof, however, that he is the real deal?. "General Hospital" is less than 30 days into this nine-month saga, so at this point, viewers should proceed with caution.

Franco does not realize that his adopted mother has lied to him and Drew did not die. Spoiler alerts indicate he is going to begin having nightmares, which no doubt are connected to his past. Early spoilers suggested he might be the first one to see Patient 6/Jason, but Ava and Griffin had encounters with him in Russia.

This may indicate that Betsy Frank's son could be the first individual in Port Charles to see Steve Burton's character, and this could be what triggers his questions, as well as the bad dreams.

Curtis and Nathan will deal with unsettling situations

Michael asked Curtis to investigate Nelle's past because he wants to prove her innocence.

Spoilers say Curtis will be stunned, so it might be what he finds out about Ms. Benson/Hayes. It seems he will gain evidence that Joslyn's kidney donor is an expert swimmer, so she should have been able to save her fiance from drowning. When he returns to Port Charles with this revelation, it could cause Michael to finally walk away from Nelle.

Nathan and Maxie have not been the same since she returned from Portland.They have been trying to reconnect but their previous chemistry is just not there anymore. The "Man Landers" storyline seems to have been comic relief, and now it is difficult to take this couple seriously. Spoiler alerts say Mr. West is going to be concerned about his marriage, so it's possible this may be the end of "Naxie." Stay tuned weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM on ABC for more episodes of "General Hospital."