Jinger Duggar continues to push the limits when it comes to the Duggar Family Rules. Jinger, best known as the Duggar Family rebel child appears to have had it with just about every family rule she has spent her life following. The latest birth control. The"Counting On" star Jinger Duggar and her husband Jeremy Vuolo are having a great time just being young and in love. The newlyweds, who haven't even been married a year yet are lagging behind Jinger's married brothers and sisters in the pregnancy department.

Are Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo putting children on hold?

The Duggars are a fertile group, and to date have had no issues when it comes to reproducing. In fact, the married siblings have all become pregnant within the first few months of their marriages. With the exception of two of the Duggar daughters, Joy-Anna, who also broke Duggar family rules and allegedly became pregnant before her wedding, and Jinger, who has raised a few eyebrows by not.

Duggar family changes

Since Jinger Duggar has not yet announced any such blessed baby news the rumor mill has begun in full swing with some fans and family members questioning as to whether or not Jinger and Jeremy may be using birth control measures to delay expanding their family.

While in most families this would be no big deal we are talking about the Duggar family and in this family, they are taught that children are God's gift and using contraception is a big no-no!

But, as previously reported things within the Duggar family are slowly beginning to change. Some of Jim Bob and Michelle's children are expressing that they are fed up with some of mom and dad's old-fashioned beliefs and rules and are ready to start breaking free of some of the harsher rules.

Especially the ones that pertain to dress, and courting. Jinger Duggar has been the family trailblazer when it comes to taking a stand, but as fans are beginning to notice the line behind her is beginning to lengthen.

It could be that before the Duggar children lead sheltered lives and before venturing off on their own as adults never really noticed what was going on in the world around them.

Most would agree that family values are a wonderful thing to have and carry on, but sometimes there comes a time and a need for change, that time may be now for the TLC reality family.

At this time, Jinger and Jeremy have not addressed the birth control use speculation, but they appear to be having a great time as a young married couple and are in no hurry to start their family just yet, and who can blame them they are only 23. Is more Duggar family conflict underway, or is it time for a revision of the Duggar family rules to live by?