Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth are so in love that they broke a number of Duggar rules while they were still courting up to the day they walked down the aisle. Their wedding will be aired on a two-hour "Counting On" special on Monday. A sneak-peek of the episode reveals that the lovers get to see each other before the ceremony, which is usually a big no-no for the Duggars.

Joy-Anna and Austin have tender moments before their wedding ceremony

The Duggar Family is so traditional and normally, the bride and groom will only see each other on their wedding ceremony.

This practice adds excitement and suspense for the guests and of course, the groom, as everyone will wonder about the bride's looks. However, Joy-Anna did not care about the surprises as she showed herself up in her wedding gown to Austin before their wedding ceremony.

In the trailer shared by People, Austin was standing in an empty church facing the altar. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's daughter walked behind him and asked him if he could turn around and look at her. Austin was not sure, so he asked if he could and the bride gave an affirmative response. Austin turned around and complimented his soon-to-be wife by saying that she was "beautiful" and that she "smells so good." It seemed that they couldn’t wait to be alone together as they talked about the number of hours when they would officially be Mr.

and Mrs. Forsyth.

According to Austin, he couldn’t describe his feelings when he saw Joy-Anna in her wedding dress. It reminded him that they were getting married and that their wedding was bound to happen soon. Meanwhile, the bride loved Austin’s reaction. For her, that short moment together before their wedding ceremony and how her now-husband looked at her already made her day.

Did the couple have a shotgun wedding?

Joy-Anna and Austin are rumored to have a shotgun wedding, Radar Online reported. Initially, their wedding was set to happen in October. However, it was moved to May and just after a few months following their big day, the pair announced that they are already expecting. This triggered the speculations that Joy-Anna was already pregnant on her big day.

If she is indeed already pregnant during her wedding, some might not find it surprising. The couple confessed that they broke multiple Duggar courting rules in the past. For instance, Joy-Anna and Austin did not stick on the recommended timed side-hugs. There was also a time when they did not follow the curfew and stayed too long outside talking.

Do you believe that Joy-Anna was already pregnant on her wedding? What’s your take on the couple’s relationship?