Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's relationship is unquestionable. The couple has gone through a number of challenges throughout their marriage. Raising 19 children is not easy. But as for their eldest son, Josh, his scandal is probably one of the major setbacks that the Duggar Family faced. Just recently, Jim and Michelle shared another relationship advice, but their critics fired back for their own son didn't practice it.

Duggar critics call out Jim Bob and Michelle’s hypocrisy

The parents of the “19 Kids and Counting” clan are very open when it comes to sharing tips for a successful marriage.

Among their infamous practice is for women to never say no to their husbands when the latter initiate for sex. According to Michelle, that is the best advice she received. So no matter how exhausted she is, she always says yes to her husband. This explains their large brood.

Just recently, Jinger’s parents took to Facebook to give another marriage advice. They told their followers to treasure their spouse and to make them feel how thankful they are for what they bring in their lives.

Unfortunately, some of their fans didn’t take their recent relationship tip well, The Hollywood Gossip reported. A number of the Duggar Family critics slammed Jim Bob and Michelle for advising couples to treasure their spouse when their son, Josh Duggar, clearly didn’t do the same to his wife, Anna Duggar, when he laid those porn stars he paid online.

One follower wrote a sarcastic response to their post by questioning them if Josh was treasuring Anna when he joined the infidelity site Ashley Madison. The critic added that the only thing they treasure is their “hypocrisy.” Another Facebook user called them “hypocrites” for supporting their adulterer and sexual predator son.

Another user also questioned Jim Bob and Michelle’s credibility to share such words of wisdom given that they were not able to guide their eldest son well. According to Lindsey Harris, hypocrisy runs deep in the Duggar family.

Josh Duggar and his four sisters lose their legal battle against a publishing company

Speaking of Josh’s controversial molestation scandal, he and his four sisters Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna, filed separate lawsuits against a publication who mentioned their names in a report.

The family complained because the cops should have redacted the data before passing it into the magazine.

Unfortunately for the "Counting On" stars and their disgraced brother, the First Amendment protected the officials and the publication. Thus, the court did not hold InTouch Weekly’s parent company Bauer Publishing liable for their report and the Duggars lose in the legal battle.

What can you say about Jim Bob and Michelle’s recent marriage advice? Do you agree that the Duggar family is hypocrites? Drop a comment below.