Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are very outspoken when it comes to almost any matter, in particular, about marriage. The Duggar Family is very traditional and conservative when it comes to their manner of dressing and handling relationships. This is visible in how Jim Bob and Michelle guide their kids, especially when they are courting. For readers who are big fans of the "19 Kids and Counting" stars, here is a list of Relationship Advice from the family that can be pondered, but doesn't necessarily need to be followed.

Duggar tips for making relationships works

InTouch Weekly shared a number of relationship ideas straight from Jim Bob and Michelle. According to the couple, they practice these things to make their marriage last. While some of the tips may help, remember that you do not have to imitate everything they do to make your relationship successful.

Never say “no” to sex when your husband asks for it. According to Michelle, this is the “best advice” she received from a friend. So, whenever Jim Bob asked her to be intimate, no matter how exhausted she is, she never turns him down.

Practice abstinence from time to time. The couple also takes a break from their sexy time when Michelle has a period or after she gave birth.

When they have a girl, they stopped making love for 80 days. If they have a boy they abstain for 40 days.

Do not flirt over text. In the Duggar’s book “Growing Up Duggar,” texting is a big no-no in a relationship. For the family, one should be vigilant when someone texts or chats with you because he or she is likely doing the same to other gals and guys online.

Monitor your children’s text and email. The Duggar patriarch and matriarch believe that their children are their responsibility while they live in the same house. The couple makes sure to monitor their children’s whereabouts and confessed that when their children are courting they want to be copied on their texts and emails.

Always find time for each other. Jim Bob and Michelle have 19 kids, but they do not forget each other. They still send each other sweet notes, do little things together, text, and call each other "sweetie." The always find time to make each other feel significant.

Duggar family is getting smaller

The Duggars rose to fame for their reality show “19 Kids and Counting” on TLC. Jim Bob and Michelle do not take any contraceptive pills, this explains their large brood. A number of their children are already grown-ups and have left their home to start their own family. Two weeks ago, they went out to watch a football game with their youngsters and many were sad because only a few members were seen in the family photo.

Among Jim Bob and Michelle's kids who have already married are Josh, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joy-Anna, and Joseph. Jinger and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, are set to celebrate their first wedding anniversary in November. Meanwhile, their eldest daughter, Jana, remains single because she is reportedly picky.

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