Audrey Roloff of "Little People, Big World" just had her first baby. She had a little girl named Ember and things seem to be going great. She is now five weeks old and Audrey has been sharing photos of her on social networks. Her latest photo is just a cute one of her daughter, but everyone felt the need to shame her for the way she has her daughter dressed.

What did everyone have to say about the outfit?

This outfit that Audrey dressed Ember in wasn't anything crazy. It was simply a cute onesie, brown leggings and a scarf on her head, but a lot of people were not fans and felt the need to tell her all about it.

Everyone seemed to think that the little girl was adorable, but they had their opinions about the outfit for sure.

The comments are going a bit crazy on the post. One fan said, "She cute . But not a fan of the outfit. Creepy brown tights.Why not a colorful beautiful dress! The oneie needs help!" Others are defending it, but saying they would never let their daughter wear the scarf on her head. The thing is regardless this isn't their daughter and Audrey is the one who dressed her.

One fan loved the outfit, but of course, had to say something negative to Audrey. This fan said, " She must be cold in a onsie nothing on her sleeves I like her hair band and warm leggings get a sweater on her its cold now." Obviously, the little girl was inside and just taking pictures.

Her mom may have had a blanket or a sweater on her when they were going outside.

If the fans are getting to Audrey Roloff then she isn't showing it at all. She hasn't deleted the post and is just letting them comment away. She has to be used to it by now because she does get a lot of criticism.

What is going on with Jeremy and Audrey Roloff?

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are now living back in Portland with the family and just had their first daughter. Recently, Jeremy was seen working at the family pumpkin farm. It is that time of year and the fans love getting the chance to meet them there. They wanted to be close to the family and that is exactly what they did, which was a really smart move for the couple.

Now Ember and Jackson can grow up close to each other. They have been sharing pictures of them holding hands and looking as cute as can be

Do you really feel like the way that Audrey Roloff dressed her daughter is that bad? Why do you think she is getting so much hate over it? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss new episodes of "Little People, Big World" when it returns to TLC.