Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar always make sure to keep their love alive. The couple finds time to make each other feel special every chance they have. If their relationship seems impressive, then here’s more relationship advice from the patriarch and matriarch of the “19 Kids and Counting On” stars that you can surely bank on to keep your marriage successful. Included is what the family had to say after their son lost a recent lawsuit.

The Duggars advise couple to treasure their spouse

The Duggar Family is very conservative. Those who have been following them are confident that they won’t separate no matter what.

They have gone through a number of controversies and the Duggar patriarch and matriarch remain calm and strong during those tough times. With a large brood, it’s difficult to control the behaviors of their children. However, the pair stayed strong during Josh Duggar’s scandal. They get through it together. So, if you are looking for a credible source of marital advice, you can bank on them. But this does not mean that they are perfect in all ways. Just sift through the relationship tips from the Duggar family and get those that will be valuable for you.

Anyway, Jim Bob and Michelle took to Facebook and reminded their followers to treasure their spouses. According to the pair, Godly partners are blessings from the Lord.

Husband and wives should tell their partners "I love you." Also, they should tell their partners how thankful they are for them. They should be supportive. According to the “Counting On” stars, “it’s the little things that speak volumes!!”

Josh Duggar and sisters lost their lawsuits against Bauer Publishing

Jim Bob and Michelle’s relationship advice comes after their children lost their legal battle against In Touch Weekly’s parent company, Entertainment Weekly reported.

Josh Duggar and his four sisters, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna Duggar filed separate lawsuits against the magazine. Unfortunately, they were all dismissed.

The Duggar family complained about the magazine’s report where they mentioned the names of Josh’s four sisters whom he molested. According to them, the cops should have redacted their names before they handed the report to the publication.

However, the First Amendment stated that if the newspaper lawfully obtains truthful information about a matter of public significance, then the state official may not constitutionally punish the publication. That is why Bauer Publishing was not held liable for their report.

Meanwhile, Josh’s sisters are already moving forward from the controversy. All four are already married. Jill and Jessa already have two children. Meanwhile, Joy-Anna is expecting her first child with Austin Forsyth. Jinger remains without a child, but she and husband, Jeremy Vuolo, will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary in a few weeks.