Jessa Duggar is already a mom of two, but for some, she is still not a pro in parenting yet. Just recently, Jessa shared a clip of her two sons, 23-month-old Spurgeon and 8-month-old Henry playing with the fall leaves outside. However, her followers were upset after seeing her youngest sitting on the ground without any footwear. Spurgeon was wearing his shoes, but Henry was barefoot. Did Jessa intentionally leave Henry without any slippers or had she just missed it and did not notice it when she took the video?

Fans criticize Jessa for leaving Henry outside without socks and shoes

On Wednesday, Jinger Duggar's older sister took to Instagram to share an adorable video of her two sons. In the clip, Spurgeon and Henry are seated on the ground wearing sweatshirts and pants. However, little Henry has no socks or shoes. The pair plays with the leaves and seem to be enjoying it. Unfortunately, Jessa's followers were worried for her tot, some even slammed the "19 Kids and Counting" star for overlooking the welfare of her sons, Cafe Mom reported.

"WHERE ARE SOCKS AND SHOES FOR HENRY???? ... For crying out loud!!!!!! It's very cool weather and babies need foot coverings like any other human," one concerned follower wrote in the comment section.

Jessa’s follower was afraid that her son might get sick.

Meanwhile, others were more concerned about the mess and dirt that the two babies might bring back home. One commented about cleanliness and hoped that the "Counting On" star would wash their hands and feet before they go back into their house. Another Instagram user stated that she doesn't want dirt and bug tracks at home implying that the tots will likely bring a mess with them when they enter the house.

Despite the criticism, the majority of Jessa’s followers love the clip and showed their support to her. For them, as a mom, she knows what’s best for her brood.

Jessa is a mean sister to her siblings

While Jessa seems relaxed when it comes to her kids, she is mean to her siblings. When she was still at the Duggar's home, she was assigned to teach her younger brothers and sisters because they are homeschooled.

As a teacher, she was very tough to the point that they fear her.

Also, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's third daughter has the tendency to be mean to her older sister Jana. In their book "Growing Up Duggar," Jana revealed that Jessa doesn't listen to her even if she has the authority because she is older than her. Jessa admitted that she argues with Jana and doesn't listen to her rules sometimes.

Despite Jessa’s attitude, she is very close to Jinger. In fact, Jeremy Vuolo shared a throwback photo of her and Jinger when they were still kids. In the snap, Jessa helps Jinger put on her white socks.

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