Jinger Duggar and her sister Jessa Duggar have been BFF in the "19 Kids and Counting Clan." The pair is noticeably closer to each other compared to their other siblings. Jinger's husband, Jeremy Vuolo, proves this in an adorable photo he shares that features the two Duggars in a seemingly funny and loving snap.

A blast from the past

On Thursday, Jeremy took to Instagram and posted a throwback photo of Jinger and Jessa. In the snapshot, Jessa is seated on a stool while a curly-haired Jessa helps her put on a white sock. "A princess never puts on her own socks.

I'll take it from here, @jessaseewald," Jeremy wrote in the caption.

The two little Duggar girls looked adorable in their blue dresses. The photo includes a date stamp suggesting it was taken on Dec. 20, 1995, a day before Jinger turned 2. At that time, Jessa was only 3. It seemed that Michelle Duggar has trained her kids to serve their siblings when needed.

Those who have been following the Duggar Family and are updated with “Counting On” pretty sure know Jinger and Jessa’s relationship. The duo is more than just sisters, they are also best friends. In fact, it was difficult for the family when Jinger decided to move with Jeremy in Laredo, Texas, but the family continues to communicate. Jessa and Jinger, in particular, made sure to keep their bond via video chat from time to time.

Now that Jinger is away from the Duggars, she spends her time with her loving husband and tries to be the wife she could be as they wait for the new addition to their family. In fact, she shared a recipe for her baked pumpkin muffin that has become Jeremy’s all-time favorite.

Jessa, Jinger feud over Duggar dress code

Since Jessa and Jinger are too close, they are also prone to disagreement.

When Jinger moved with Jeremy in Texas, her manner of dressing has strained away from the Duggar’s dress code. Jinger started wearing shorts and tight pants, which shocked the “Counting On” viewers since they knew that the family is very conservative and only allows the Duggar ladies to wear skirts.

There were rumors that Jinger’s wardrobe has caused a conflict between the two.

Jessa and Jinger were feuding because the latter starts to wear shorts and tight pants, which is a big No-No in the family’s practice. However, as of late, the pair seemed to be okay. In fact, Jeremy, himself, shared that adorable throwback photo and even tagged his sister-in-law.

What can you say about Jessa and Jinger’s bond? Will the pair keep their closeness by the time Jinger has her own kids to keep her busy and occupied?