It is difficult to maintain a big family, but JimBob and Michelle Duggar manage. Although the "19 Kids and Counting" clan appears united and happy, they also have their own differences especially when it comes to their personalities. While "Counting On" fans have dubbed Jana Duggar as the "Cinderella Duggar" due to the number of household chores she does at home, her sister Jessa Duggar now gains the title of being the "mean" sister. This revelation was made in a report by In Touch Weekly.

Jessa Duggar the mean sister

Jessa has a strong personality.

She can be bossy and controlling. Thus, a number of her younger siblings feel uncomfortable with her. They are terrified of her. When Jessa was still at the Duggar's home, she was asked to teach her younger brothers and sisters because they are homeschooled. Jessa is a strict teacher, she always makes sure to check on them, which only heightens their fears of her. In fact, when they hear "the name Jesse James. It's, like, feared in the school world," In Touch Weekly reported.

In addition to this, Jessa has the tendency to be mean to her older sister Jana too. According to Jana in their book "Growing Up Duggar," Jessa doesn't listen to her rules even if she has the authority because she is older than her.

Jessa admitted this in one episode of “Counting On.” She confessed that she has a strong personality and would often disagree with Jana.

Jana is the oldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle, who has remained single for the longest time. She has witnessed the wedding of her four younger sisters, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna.

Jana has been rumored to be courting a mystery man and has been romantically linked to Jacob Wilson. However, the latter denied that they are courting.

Jessa feuding with sisters

Aside from Jessa’s indifference to Jana, there were also rumors that she was feuding with her younger sister Jinger. Jinger has been wearing shorts and pants and Jessa doesn’t approve of it.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have strict rules when it comes to their children’s wardrobe. The ladies are only allowed to wear dresses and skirts. They can wear shorts and pants, but should still wear skirts over them.

Jinger has been living by her own rules since she left the Duggars when it comes to choosing her outfit. In fact, aside from wearing shorts, she also wears tight pants and sleeveless tops. The family has not made any official statement about Jinger’s ensemble. So, many are wondering if it is now okay for the Duggar ladies to wear that attire.

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