Jana Duggar is rumored to be courting. Jana is already at the right age to do so. In fact, four of her younger sisters, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna have already walked down the aisle. The "Counting On" star has not confirmed her relationship status yet, but multiple sources confirmed that she is already courting and that her boyfriend is not as conservative as the Duggars when it comes to dating.

Caleb Williams does not adhere to Jim Bob's dating guidelines

In the past week, there were rumors that Jana is courting a mystery man. An unfamiliar face has been spotted in the Duggar Family photos lately and many suspect that he is Jana's boyfriend.

Later on, the man was identified as Caleb Williams. Many are convinced that Jana is already dating as the family usually introduces a new face in their family portrait before announcing that the person is courting one of their members.

Unfortunately, Jana and Caleb's relationship may not be easy to take, for Jim Bob, because Jana's rumored boyfriend is reportedly liberal and does not follow the Duggar courting rules that include timed side hugs and moderate hand-holding, OK! reported. Caleb is reportedly a Baptist. He is not in the same denomination as the Duggar's and that is why he has a different perspective when it comes to "courting."

"Every religion has its own sects and groups," the insider explained.

"They have similar belief systems, but he's a bit different in his thinking. He's maybe somewhat more liberal." Many believe that dating a man with different courtship beliefs is not surprising for Jana who is also taking things in her own time and phase especially when it comes to dating and relationships.

Unlike most of her sisters, Jana remains unmarried at the age of 27.

One insider revealed that she is picky and busy. In addition to this, she is taking things slowly and is not bothered by her civil status of being single.

Jana Duggar’s alleged suitor denied that they are courting

Aside from Caleb, Jana was previously linked to Jacob Wilson, but he denied any budding romance between them. According to Jacob, they have been friends for over 20 years and that’s it.

There is nothing romantic between the two. Things were different with Caleb because he never confirmed or denied that he is courting Jana. Following Jacob’s denial, Jana was spotted keeping herself busy with her garden.

Jana is not closing her door to having her own family. She once said that she is just waiting for the right man. While she is not in a hurry to walk down the aisle, her fans can’t wait to see her in her wedding dress. At this time, the Duggars have not officially announced Jana and Caleb’s relationship, but many are already convinced that the two are dating.

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