In the latest episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” Kim will be seen joining her sister, Kourtney on a trip to Mexico. This episode is where the celebrity will be seen facing her worst fears and anxiety. Kim admits that she is still traumatized by the robbery scene that took place with her back in October 2016. The celebrity still feels unsafe when she is all alone. As noted by Metro, the episode started off with Kim and Kourtney flying on a private jet to Mexico. They apparently got together to celebrate Kourtney’s birthday. The two were joined by sixteen of their other friends.

All of them were living at Joe Francis’ Punta Mita Home.

Everything you need to know

As soon as they reached the holiday home, Kim started experiencing an anxiety attack. She soon broke down in tears and asked her sister whether it was safe to stay at the house. The celebrity revealed that she has still not gotten over the fear that is inbuilt in her after the October 2016 robbery. She said that ever since Paris, she is always in the “worst-case scenario” mode. She thought that there would be so many at the airport who will see 17 girls carrying Chanel and Louis Vuitton bags. This might trigger a kidnapping or robbery to take place. It appeared like the entire episode was primarily focused on Kim.

She also spoke about the state of dysmorphia that her body goes through. She complained about being body-shammed when she posts pictures on social media accounts. Kim revealed that it makes her feel extremely insecure. According to a report by US Magazine, Kourtney went on to joke after that. She said that if Kim doesn’t get over her anxiety, then she won’t be invited in the future trips.

Scott Disick on Kourtney

According to Daily Mail, Scott Disick was heard calling Kourtney a “b#$tch.” This took place before they left for Mexico. She wanted to be honest with Disick about her date with her ex-boyfriend. She had been photographed while she was out and wanted to clarify a few things with Scott. On the other hand, Scott was extremely furious, and Kourtney’s plan completely backfired.

It all turned out to be against Kourtney’s favor because the pictures never ended up being published online. It was all for nothing, she said during the latest episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” The next episode will air on Sunday, October 15, at 9 PM. Interestingly, the Jenner sisters haven’t been making any particular appearances.