Lady Gaga was rushed to hospital recently as she was suffering from extreme pain during her concert tour. The singer was due to go on stage and perform as part of her "Joanna" tour. It was later revealed that she suffers from a lifelong condition with no known cure and this is what caused her sudden hospitalization.

The singer had to cancel her tour

According to Billboard, Lady Gaga had to cancel her performance on Sept 18 as she was suffering from Chronic Pain at the time. Live Nation explained the situation to Gaga’s fans in a press release. They stated that her severe pain affected her ability to perform on that night.

They then confirmed that Medical Professionals were seeing to Lady Gaga.

According to NME, Lady Gaga released an Instagram post when she was in the hospital. She stated that when she was a bit stronger and felt ready, she would open up about her story and the condition that hindered her performance for her fans. The singer explained that she would be raising awareness for her condition as well as trying to donate money to expand on research for a cure.

Fans were shocked to hear that their favorite singer was suffering from a condition, especially one that caused her chronic pain. For all the years that Lady Gaga performed, she never once gave the indication that she was dealing with something this serious behind the scenes.

Gaga took to social media to talk to fans

According to Billboard, Lady Gaga decided to let her fans know how she is recovering from her stint in the hospital. The singer shared a tweet online stating that she was getting stronger, but that she suffers from a condition known as fibromyalgia and that she sometimes has stints where she experiences chronic pain.

In a report by NME, fans expressed their worry about the singer, as they had heard nothing since she went to the hospital. In the meantime, the Netflix documentary following Lady Gaga for months of her life "Five Foot Two" has been released. This documentary details her chronic condition in a more in-depth way and fans got a real insight into what the singer is going through.

Fans have been showing their love and support for Lady Gaga online and the singer is extremely grateful for their support. She has stated that she is currently working with doctors to get back on her feet as quickly as possible. The singer has announced that she will be continuing the "Joanna" tour as soon as she gets permission to proceed from medical professionals.

Lady Gaga has not made any announcements about the current condition of her fibromyalgia and fans are curious as to her status.

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