If you’re looking forward to watching Jamie and Claire fully reunite on “Outlander” season 3, you are certainly not alone. It’s the one thing fans have wanted to see throughout the extra-long Droughtlander. Unfortunately, this is something that you will need to wait a little bit longer for. There isn’t a new episode on this week. The next new episode will air on Oct. 22, 2017. Don’t blame the show, though! It’s the network that has decided to do this.

Why has Starz done this?

Starz has likely made a strategic decision to work against another network.

The next episode of “Outlander” it titled “A. Malcolm,” and is the highly anticipated reunion scene. It’s also the longest episode yet.

AMC is airing its premiere of “The Walking Dead” on the same night as the “Outlander” episode. While usually it wouldn’t be a problem, the extra length is. The 75-minute episode will run into “TWD’s” episode and Starz will want to see if it can hold up against the popular comic-based series.

What to expect in ‘Outlander’ season 3, episode 6

So, while you wait for the next episode, it’s worth taking a look at what to expect. While we know it has the popular “print shop scene,” what exactly are fans going to see? Ron Moore, the show-runner of the series, has said that we will take a slight jump back in time for this episode.

That moment Claire and Jamie see each other again is going to be told from Jamie’s point of view in the upcoming episode.

We will likely get to know who “Geordie” is and what Jamie is doing in the print shop. Will we get to know more details shared later in the book “Voyager” that this season is based on? We’re not sure about that yet, but there is some hope.

Many fans have already shared spoilers of Jamie’s love life between leaving Helwater and reuniting with Claire.

The trailer shows that we’ll also get to see Claire and Jamie in Jamie’s bed again. Claire certainly looks nervous, as she takes her hair down; possibly hoping that none of the grey is showing through the hair dye.

Jamie will also be nervous of all the new scars he has on his body. One in particular will be the scar on his thigh where Black Jack Randall stabbed him at the Battle of Culloden.

Are you excited for the new episode?

While it’s annoying that we have to wait for another episode of "Outlander," at least the good news is we get an extra long one. It’s almost like getting two episodes in one. If this is successful, maybe Moore will see that we want longer episodes moving forward. It’s really the only way that we can get all the information from “Voyager” on the screen properly.