“Outlander” season 3 may only be part way through, but news for Season 4 is already out. After all, the show has currently started filming the fourth season in Scotland. It only makes sense that there are new cast members. The fourth season picks up with Diana Gabaldon’s fourth book in the series, “Drums of Autumn.”

There are a number of key roles in this book. Fans speculate that while one may be taken over by the revived Murtagh, there are others that still need to be cast. Maria Doyle Kennedy and Ed Speleers have been confirmed for two of the key roles in the series.

Maria Kennedy as Jacosta

Outlander” season 4 will see Jamie and Clare reach the Colonies, where Jamie’s Aunt Jacosta (the only remaining MacKenzie sibling of Ellen) currently lives. She plays a vital role in “Drums of Autumn,” so needs a good actress behind her.

Kennedy is well known for various time period roles, especially as Catherine of Aragon in Showtime’s “The Tudors.” However, more recently she is known for her role of Mrs. S in “Orphan Black.” She has been with the series for five long years, but is ready to try something a little different.

There are mixed opinions from fans about her casting. Many don’t picture her as the red-headed Jacosta and others worry that her Irish accent may come through too strongly for the Scottish MacKenzie.

Ed Speleers as a pirate

Meanwhile, Speleers will take up the role of the Irish pirate Stephen Bonnet. The pirate is viewed as one of the villains in the books, but does start to learn the errors of his ways. He’s not quite as bad as the sadistic Jonathon Wolverton “Black Jack” Randall. However, the show won’t likely get away rape free without him around.

Speleers is best known for his role in “Downton Abbey.” He played footman Jimmy Kent. The English actor will adopt an Irish accent for the new role.

Fans are somewhat reserved about Speleer taking up the role. Again, many book fans don’t picture Speleers for the role, but makeup and costumes may be able to help with that. They are waiting to see if he can deliver on the role in season 4.

There is one thing for certain with the casting news, fans can’t overlook the irony in acting choices. An Irish woman will play a Scottish role, while an Englishman is set to play an Irish role.

Outlander” season 3 is still on air on Starz. The show will take a week break and return with Episode 6 “A. Malcolm” on October 22. The episode will tell the Jamie/Claire reunion from Jamie’s point of view and fans cannot wait.