Things are just not looking great for “Chicago Fire’s” Firehouse 51! First the season 5 finale makes it look like three characters are going to die, and now the promo for the latest season 6 episode looks like one of the firehouse’s own is at risk.

When a building collapses, Gabi Dawson is trapped with civilians and a military man. It is soon clear that the group are suffocating and this could mean the end of the action-loving paramedic. But is that really going to be the case? It’s not the first time Gabi’s life has looked like it’s in danger.

Just one case out of three?

It’s not often that “Chicago Fire” has an episode without multiple calls. One of the things the show does well is show the active life of the fire fighters. They are constantly on the go, never knowing when their next call out will be. It wouldn’t be surprising if this was just one call out of two or three in the episode. Whether it’s the first or last is unknown.

This wouldn’t be the first time the show did a promo like this. Back in season 4 there was a moment where it looked like Dawson was going to die, after she sent Stella out of a burning building first. It turned out that it was just the first of a number of calls in that episode and the storyline was wrapped extremely quickly.

Likewise, last season the show made it look like Severide was going to die while on duty. The case was actually wrapped up within minutes and Severide was safely on the ground.

The whole point of the promo is to get people tuning in. This promo should do the same.

Is ‘Chicago Fire’ weak for not taking real risks?

Fans have already felt a little let down after the “Chicago Fireseason 6 premiere.

We’d spent the whole summer wondering who would die after season 5 ended with three trapped inside a burning building. There didn’t seem to be a way out and realistically all three would die. Of course, this is a TV show and actors have contracts, so only one dying would have been a realistic storyline considering that.

However, the writers chickened out.

All fire fighters were saved through a risky measure of spraying water on the fire. Fans took to social media to share their disappointment, because in the end the episode wasn’t as exciting as the summer break had made it seem. Fans wanted to know why the show would even put the three at risk if they weren’t willing to go through with it.

Now whenever fans see one of Firehouse 51’s own trapped or at risk of death, they’re going to remember the season 6 premiere. Do we really believe that Gabi’s life is going to be in danger?

What do you think will happen? “Chicago Fire” season 6 returns on Thursday at 10/9c on NBC.