We knew the day would come eventually when Oliver Queen’s life would be under the microscope. This is what happens when you become mayor of a city. Everyone wants to know your business. But that’s a problem in “Arrow” season 6.

Unfortunately for Oliver Queen, his private business involves illegal actions. He’s the Green Arrow. This is the vigilante the police have been looking for since the very beginning and now it appears that it’s going to come back and bite him in the butt. In the latest trailer for the show, the FBI roll in with the idea that Oliver Queen and the Green Arrow are one and the same.

Diggle wants to protect his friend

While Oliver is being kept in for questioning, Diggle, Felicity and others are trying to help save him. Diggle makes it very clear that he wants to keep his friend safe and find a way to get the FBI off his tracks. The problem is it looks like the FBI has damning evidence against Oliver. They have him wearing the suit of the Green Arrow.

Does this definitely mean he’s the vigilante? Well, while we know he is the man they’re looking for, they don’t have him doing anything illegal. Maybe Oliver is just dressing up as the Green Arrow for a comic convention. Or it could be his Halloween costume this year. Or, you know, he could always say he’s doing it to entertain his new son.

Oliver juggles three worlds

With the death of Samantha in the “Arrowseason 6 premiere, Oliver now has to become a full-time father. That’s not easy for anyone, but especially difficult for the Mayor of Star City. He has cameras on him all the time and he’s going to want to protect his son from the vultures.

At the same time, he does have his secret vigilante life.

His son will know something about that, but not all of it. There are certainly going to be people looking to hurt him if they find out he’s the son of the Green Arrow. Oliver will have a lot of juggling to do moving forward. We’ve seen him cope with things like this before, but is this going to be a little too much? At least he has friends to help.

Anatoly is back

If you wondered if you were ever going to see the Russia mob again, you’ll be happy to hear this news. Anatoly is back in Star City. It couldn’t be worse timing for Oliver and his team, but when has Bratva ever had the best timing? But maybe this could be the perfect timing. Surely Anatoly can do something to help save his friend. That is unless Anatoly is the one who helped the FBI track Oliver.

“Arrow” season 6, episode 2 airs on Thursday, Oct. 19 at 9p.m.