Outlander” fans may be disappointed that there’s a week break before the “print shop scene,” but there is some good news. Executive producer Ron Moore promised an extra special long scene to make up for it. He certainly wasn’t kidding, either. The episode will be the longest one yet, giving fans plenty of happy memories for the years to come.

The length could explain the reason for the week break. Starz will want to time the episode right with competition from other networks.

How long will ‘Outlander’ S3E6 be?

Fans should expect 75 minutes of video for the upcoming scene.

That’s almost double the usual length of an episode, meaning that you’ll want to give up a couple of hours of your Sunday night to watch the episode.

Not only will we see Claire and Jamie reunite, but we will get that infamous “print shop scene.” For the non-book fans, this is the moment that Claire and Jamie physically reunite. The passion will certainly be there, but there will also be moments of truths. Jamie is worried about the things he has done in the past, while Claire has become a different woman after giving birth to Brianna.

After their physical reunion, the two will get a chance to talk about the past. Jamie will finally get to see photos of his daughter. Expect emotion, considering Jamie never expected to see his wife or daughter again after sending them through the stones just before the Battle of Culloden.

Not only did Jamie expect to die in battle, but he also expected Claire to remain in her own time.

Why a break between the episodes?

Of course, fans are concerned about the decision to leave a week between Claire going back in time and seeing the reunion in full. “Outlander” season 3, episode 5 aired on October 8, but fans will have to wait until October 22 for the next episode.

The extra length will likely explain why this is the case.

October 22 is the night that “The Walking Dead” returns on AMC. Starz will want to compete against this series. But aren’t they on at different times? Usually, they would be, but the next episode of “Outlander” is going to take up two hours of your night. The second hour will run into “TWD” season 8 premiere.

Fans of the two shows will need to make a choice.

There are possibilities that this will backfire on Starz, but the network does have the upper hand by starting at 8 pm. Only time will tell if the risk pays off, especially as the viewing figures are steadily increasing at the moment.

Outlander” season 3, episode 6, titled “A. Malcolm,” will air on October 22 at 8 pm on Starz.