Fans were excited to hear that “Grey’s Anatomy” season 14 would air with a two-hour season premiere. However, there were a few problems with that news. “Scandal’s” final season premiere would be pushed back a week and “How to Get Away With Murder” would be behind by a week. For TGIT to work well on ABC, all the shows needed to be on the same episode every week.

That meant one thing. Eventually, “Grey’s Anatomy” was going to need to take a week off. It looks like this is the week for that. Season 14, Episode 5 is not going to air on October 19. Instead, fans will need to wait until October 26 for their next fix of the hospital drama.

An episode focused on Owen, Riggs, Teddy, and Megan

There have been two main storylines to focus on throughout season 14. The first has been Amelia’s tumor storyline, but that was wrapped at the end of the last week. Megan Hunt’s storyline has been the second major storyline, and it is still ongoing. The next episode is going to pick up with this storyline, but not in the way that you expect.

Many fans expected some sort of love triangle between Riggs, Meredith and Megan. They expected to deal with a jealous Meredith fighting for Riggs, considering the way she fought for Derek. However, the season 13 finale hinted that Meredith had grown up. In season 14, she even shared that she didn’t want to get involved in another love triangle and wanted Riggs to be with the woman he loved.

Rather than pick back up with this potential love triangle, the next episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” will look at where Riggs and Megan’s relationship blossomed and grew. We’ll get to know more about Megan’s relationship with her brother Owen and with Teddy. There’s also a chance that we’ll see what happened when Megan was taken.

A chance to explore the past on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

The next episode will jump us back 10 years. We’ll watch the four in the Middle East. It’s unclear whether any of the other characters in the show will be in this episode. This could have a similar feel to some of the smaller cast episodes from season 13. There were numerous episodes where we just had three or four cast members throughout the whole episode, giving us a more contained storyline.

“Grey’s Anatomy” season 14, episode 5 will air on Oct. 26. Instead, ABC will air "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," and "Toy Story or TERROR!" This will give the other two TGIT shows chance to catch up to the same episode number, so they can both go for their winter breaks at the exact same time. Are you excited for the 10-year flashback episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below.