American Horror Story: Cult” is nearing the end. Everything is slowly piecing together and we finally know who all the members of the cult are. We’ve learned just why they’re attacking Ally, what the green mist really was, and how Ally’s fears have been known by Kai and the rest of the killer clowns. Episode 8, “Winter of Our Discontent,” continues the story as Ally is out of jail and learning the truth. Will she learn about everything, including her wife’s real involvement?

Winter is sure her brother will protect her

It’s not surprising that cult members are starting to turn on each other.

After banding together last week, the women are now struggling to stick together. Winter is struggling between loyalty to women and loyalty to her brother, Kai. She is certain that her brother will do nothing to hurt her, but Beverly isn’t so certain.

Later in the “American Horror Story: Cultepisode 8 promo, we learn that family loyalties don’t seem that important to Kai at all. He threatens Winter that she will learn her place and it looks like he’s using his authority as councilman over his brother Vincent.

Ally learns the truth about Vincent

Meanwhile, Ally is now out of jail. Whether the police are actually charging her with anything or not is unknown. She wasn’t the one caught on camera shooting people at the rally, so they may not be able to hold her for any reason.

However, she is definitely scared and angry.

One thing she is angry about is how Kai knows so much about her. It’s finally time for Ally to learn that Vincent is Kai’s brother. She manages to piece the puzzle together, realizing that Kai knew about Ally’s fear of clowns because Vincent told him. However, is it possible that it was all Ivy’s doing and Vincent actually had nothing to do with the cult?

What is Kai’s end game?

There are still a lot of questions surrounding Kai. He now has the one thing that he’s wanted from the very beginning: he won the council seat up for grabs. Sure, it was won through fear and manipulation, but he managed it. So, what will happen next?

Kai has done all this for world domination. The big question has been how he can get that from a council seat.

What will be the next stage of his plan and how does it involve Bebe? Are the women still needed to instil more fear or will he be the knight in shining armor when the women attack again?

We will just have to wait until we can find out. “American Horror Story: Cult” will return on Oct. 24 at 10/9c on FX.