After learning that she had a benign brain tumor in the “Grey’s Anatomy” season 14 premiere, Amelia looked like the perfect patient. While she didn’t want to slow down, she was calm and pragmatic about the tumor. She managed to choose the best surgeon to remove it and collected as many scans as possible to be ready for the extraction. Eventually, she even told Maggie, Owen, and Meredith the truth about her diagnosis.

However, the calmness seems to be a facade. In the sneak peeks for the fourth episode of the season, it’s clear that Amelia is scared.

She’s worried that something is going to go wrong.

There has been two "Grey's" sneak peeks released for the episode on Thursday, Oct. 12.

Amelia prepares for brain surgery

There is a sense of irony in the storyline. Amelia is a world-class brain surgeon, but she can’t operate on herself. She has no choice but to put her faith into the hands of her former teacher. This man may be the best, but that doesn’t mean Amelia is ready for what is to come.

During the sneak peek, she shaves a section of her hair. It’s not a large section since this tumor should be easy to remove. She wants to be able to cover up the patch with the rest of her hair once she gets the all-clear that the tumor has been removed in full.

However, the sneak peek continues with Amelia getting into her hospital bed. She refuses to allow her mom to visit because her mom never came to her wedding. Later, she tries to tell her family and friends what to do should she die. Owen and Meredith refuse to believe that she is going to die from this. But this is “Grey’s Anatomy,” and we know there is always some type of complications.

Meredith and Megan continue to bond

In the second sneak peek, Meredith checks on Megan Hunt. It’s not looking good for the presumed-dead medic. Megan’s temperature has spiked and there seems to be worry that she is rejecting her abdominal transplant. Megan just wants to take oral antibiotics, so she can leave the hospital. Her focus is on getting back to the Middle East to her son.

Meredith knows that oral antibiotics aren’t enough. The fever is too high and Megan needs a drip. That means a few more days in the hospital.

Rather than argue, Megan just listens to her doctor and moves the conversation onto Nathan Riggs. He’s left the hospital for now and Megan doesn’t understand why. She gave him to Meredith. What she hadn’t realized is that Meredith gave Nathan to Megan. The poor guy just doesn’t know what to do. The women have broken him.

Grey’s Anatomyseason 14, episode 4 will air on Oct. 12 at 8 p.m. on ABC.