Do you wonder what happened between Megan Hunt and Nathan Riggs on “Grey’s Anatomy"? Ever since Riggs was introduced, we’ve heard about how he was engaged to Megan and how he cheated on her. We learned about Megan’s disappearance and how she was assumed dead for so long.

Then, suddenly, Megan was brought back. In the “Grey’s Anatomy” season 13 finale, Owen found out that his sister had been alive for 10 years. Meredith told Nathan to go live his dream. Now it’s finally time to learn more about that relationship.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ rewinds the clock

In the trailer for season 14, episode 5, “Danger Zone,” the clock gets a rewind. Fans will get to see exactly what happened 10 years ago. They’ll watch as Nathan proposes, as Megan learns the truth about her fiancé, and how she goes missing. Hopefully fans will also get to see Nathan, Owen, and Teddy’s reactions when Megan goes missing. It certainly looks like it, as Teddy rushes out of the tent screaming for Megan.

Will this tell us more of Megan’s story?

During the “Grey’s Anatomy” season 14 premiere, we learned that Megan had been held captive for the last 10 years. As a doctor, she had skills that could be put to use. There was an element of “Outlander” in the story, as Claire was kept at Castle Leoch as a healer while the MacKenzies believed her to be a spy.

We haven’t seen it play out on the screen. This special flashback episode could tell us everything we need to know about Megan. There is hope that we’ll find out what she felt in those 10 years and where her mind is at now. After all, Megan has been solely focused on getting back to her son. She keeps pushing Nathan to Meredith, because she knows that he has moved on.

She accepts that, but there’s also a hint that she doesn’t actually want to be back with him.

There is bad news for ‘Grey’s’ fans

Unfortunately, while the clock is rewound 10 years, there is some bad news for fans of the show. There’s going to be a week break this week. That means no new “Grey’s Anatomy” on Oct. 19. Instead, the next new episode will air on Oct.


This shouldn’t be too surprising. ABC has a habit of taking week breaks here and there for seemingly no reason. The network is likely trying to catch “Grey’s” up with the other TGIT shows, “Scandal” and “How to Get Away with Murder,” since there was the two-hour premiere. This will make sure all three shows wrap up for their winter break at the same time.

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