According to, Ingo Rademacher indicates he is "stoked" to have been chosen for the role of Thorne Forrester on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Rademacher is best known for portraying Jasper Jax on ABC's "General Hospital." Jax has not been a regular on GH in quite a while and was last seen when he was deported. Now, his portrayal has transitioned to CBS where he truly seems elated that executive producer Bad Bell considered him. Initially, Bell was looking for Ingo to play the role of Mateo, the handyman who is massaging all of Quinn's troubles away.

That part, however, went to Sanfrisco Saint Martin.

From Winsor Harmon III to Ingo Rademacher

Viewers of "The Bold and the Beautiful" were stunned when the most recent actor to portray Thorne Forrester said he had been fired. Winsor Harmon III had been on recurring status but did not get much screen time. He announced earlier in the month that Brad Bell had informed him he was being let go from the role he had played since 1996. Harmon said he wished B&B and the new Thorne well, although, at that time, he did not know who would replace him. Shortly after it was announced that Ingo Rademacher would portray Eric Forrester's firstborn son.

GH fans probably assumed that once Sonny had the deportation lifted, they would see Jax popping in and out of Port Charles once more.

Now, however, Rademacher will be on contract in a front-burner B&B storyline. Spoiler alerts indicate that Thorne will not be rejoining the family business, but will end up working for "Spectra Fashions." It was teased that he may even become a romantic interest for Sally.

A new Thorne and a new day on B&B

Brad Bell stated that he wanted to take the character of Thorne Forrester in a new direction and have him aged appropriately. Harmon is in his 50's and Rademacher is in his 40's.

Ingo is a talented actor and deserves to be able to showcase his abilities in a contract role. There is no doubt that he will be an asset to the cast of "The Bold and the Beautiful."

Had Ingo been chosen for the role of Mateo, it would only have been for 11 weeks. This is probably the time frame for Forrester's new employee to seduce Quinn, break up the marriage and be off into the sunset.

It was decided that Rademacher was not a good fit for that role, and now viewers get to see him front and center at least for the duration of his contract. A new Thorne Forrester will bring about changes and a new day on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Keep watching weekday afternoons at 1:30 p.m. on CBS.