Ingo Rademacher was a fan favorite on "General Hospital." He portrayed Jasper Jax who was married to Carly and is the father of Joslyn. The last time he was on screen was just before being deported to Australia. Spoiler alerts for "The Bold and the Beautiful" have just announced that Rademacher will now take over the role of Thorne Forrester on November 27th. WInsor Harmon who portrayed the character since 1996 was let go about 10 days ago. It was announced that B&B wanted to have Eric's son more age appropriate. Harmon is in his 50's and Rademacher in his 40's.

It was also stated that Thorne would be working for "Spectra Fashions" rather than "Forrester Creations."

Rademacher will be an asset on 'The Bold and the Beautiful'

Jasper Jax has always come and gone on "General Hospital." This time it looks like he will not return unless the role is recast. Rademacher will be an asset to "The Bold and the Beautiful" in the role of Thorne, and if spoilers are correct he will be part of a front-burner storyline right from the beginning. If he returns to LA and begins working for Spectra it may be for one of two reasons. His nephew Thomas who left Sally high and dry, may have felt guilty and sought his uncle's help.

Thorne may also go to work for the rival fashion house as the result of the bad blood between him and his older stepbrother.

Eric has always seemed to favor Ridge who is not his biological son, over the son who belongs to him and his late wife Stephanie. Rademacher could be calculating and stood toe to toe against mob Sonny Corinthos when he was Jax and residing in Port Charles. He has the ability to give a little more of an edge to his new character than was displayed by those who previously had the part.

Good luck to Winsor Harmon III and Ingo Rademacher

Both characters, Jax as well as Thorne have been put on the back burner in recent years. They would show up occasionally but not really be involved in long-term storylines. "General Hospital" viewers believed they would be seeing Ingo Rademacher again soon once Sonny had his ban from the United States lifted.

Joslyn is in a front and center storyline so it was assumed Jasper would op back into Port Charles. Now fans know this will not happen.

Those who loyally watch "The Bold and the Beautiful" should take the approach of Winsor Harmon III, who said he wished the new Thorne Forrester much luck. Fond wishes should go out to Harmon as well, for wherever his career may take him.