Winsor Harmon announced Saturday on Facebook that he has been released from his role on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Harmon who has portrayed Thorne Forrester since 1996, was given the news in a phone call from executive producer Bradley Bell. He was the third actor to be cast in the role and was put on recurring status in 2010. Thorne has very rarely been seen or spoken of on the show in the last few years. Bell told him that they are recasting the role and Harmon said he wishes the show and the new actor well.

'The Bold and the Beautiful' routinely shuffles actors

"The Bold and the Beautiful" has a pattern of shuffling its actors. Some disappear for months and return as if nothing has happened. Others go out of town and reappear at later dates. Bill Spencer's sidekick Justin, and his receptionist Allyson both just came back to the show, without any explanation. Other soaps that put characters on recurring status use them enough that you see them on a regular, even if infrequent basis." B&B's" version of this may have an actor totally off the show for months and suddenly return. This is what happened with Donna Logan and Thorne.

Hammon's character has not been mentioned in quite a while and fans probably had not been giving it a second thought This happens with other actors who are part of "The Bold and the Beautiful" family as well.

Steffy, Taylor, Hope, and Brooke all have left town for months on end, but not at the same time. One will leave and another will return so it looks like a money saving method. Right now Eric Forrester has not been seen for a while, but he at least is talked about so that keeps him relevant.

Thorne Forrester became irrelevant

Thorne Forrester has been placed in the category of being irrelevant. His role got smaller and then he was sent out of the country. And it seemed as if his brother Ridge began getting more airtime.This often happens on the soaps. First, you notice that a favorite character is no longer in front burner storylines.

He or she seems to become a support system for others who are on screen almost every day.

The next time you hear their name mentioned, it is on an irregular basis or someone has a one-sided phone conversation with the person who is MIA. Finally, the individual is no longer spoken of at all. Usually, these characters ride off into the sunset and are never heard from again. It is interesting that Bradley Bell has decided to recast the role of Thorne, as he has no relevance to any of the current storylines. Fans of "The Bold and the Beautiful" can stay tuned to see what takes place with Thorne Forrester and wish good luck to Winsor Harmon III in his future endeavors.