The latest “How to Get Away With Murder Season 4” episode showed that trouble is, yet again, just around the corner for Annalise. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Crime Scene

Flash-forwards from the latest “How to Get Away With Murder Season 4” episode showed that Annalise's dwelling place was once again the scene of yet another mysterious crime. Sneak peeks from what's to happen in the show have revealed that Annalise's hotel room — where she had taken up residence after losing everything — was being subjected to an investigation following what appears to be another criminal incident.

The controversial defense attorney already lost her previous home due to a crime-related fire in the “HTGAWM Season 3” finale, which was what prompted her to move to the hotel just shortly after getting out of prison.

Annalise at first seemed as though she was finally making progress in trying to turn her life around after a series of unfortunate life-altering mishaps. But it now appears that her progress could very well be short-lived. It won't be long before trouble will drag her back into the all-too-familiar hell hole that she's been thrown in too many times before.

Scenes from the flash-forwards of the show's previous episode hinted that Annalise might be, yet again, privy to a crime that involves possibly another of her former students.

Laurel’s Involvement

In the flash-forward scenes shown in the same episode, blood was seen all over the elevator right across Annalise's hotel room. It now seems more than likely that Laurel may have been — in one way or another — involved in what appears to be another criminal incident that's likely to jeopardize Annalise's last and final chance to save her career.

Michaela’s Help

In the same episode, shortly before the flash-forwards that revealed the Crime Scene, Laurel was seen disclosing to Michaela that her dad was responsible for killing Wes. She was trying to get Michaela to help her bring her father down, the company of whom appears to be the biggest client of the firm that Michaela just worked tooth and nail to get hired in.

The latter, however, doesn't seem likely to be inclined to help Laurel, mostly due to the fact that she has been trying to get a fresh start with beau Asher — hoping to leave behind their crime-laden past.

But who's going to help Laurel? Annalise — who has been beating herself up over the death of Wes and all the trouble that she has caused the people around her — might help Laurel get her father. This move, however, will likely cost her what little hope that she has for the future.