The Duggar Family has undergone a lot of major changes in their lives since they first captured the hearts of the reality television world back in 2008. Family population numbers continue to expand yearly with marriages and new babies arriving by the scores. However, the size of the Duggar family is not the only changes that fans have noticed taking place over the years.

Duggar family bank account continues to grow

According to a new report from Radar Online, a lot of the changes that have taken place have to do with money. In 2008, TLC focussed the popular series on the expanding family's size, modest living, and strict religious rules.That does not appear to be the case nine years later.

The report reveals that the usual pay percentage for reality television families range from ten percent of a show's per episode budget.

This means that if TLC spends between $250,000 to $400,000 per episode producing each episode (about four days work for the family), the Duggar family bank account receives between $25,000 to $40,000. Not bad for a week's work, but, this change in family finances over the years has been blamed for some of the attitude, scandal, and acts of rebellion that some of the Family Members have displayed.

Reality TV kids fed-up with parents old-fashioned rules?

Fans have commented through the years about the family changes which have included extensive and lavish weddings, honeymoons, and personality changes have begun to take away from the show's original appeal.

For instance, Jessa Duggar Sewald has been nicknamed by fans as the "mean sister." In Touch writes that fans have been calling Jessa "fundie Regina George," stating that excessive her bossiness and controlling behavior is just downright annoying.

Another lifestyle change comes from Jinger, who has been rebellious as far as the family fashion rules are concerned.

Jinger decided long ago that the modest dresses and wardrobe rules instilled by her parents are out of date, and unnecessary. The family rebel has ditched the long, bulky dresses and has been sporting jeans, shorts and a sassy attitude, much to the dislike of mom and dad Michelle and Jim Bob.

The Duggars have grown accustomed to dealing with fan judgment and the backlash that comes from being in the public eye.

Over the years they have endured the humiliation of eldest brother Josh Dugger's sexual molestation crimes, and most recently the shocking news of Joy Anna's shotgun wedding and pre-marital pregnancy news.

As previously reported back in May Joy-Anna Duggar married husband Austin Forsyth five months earlier than their original October 28th wedding date and has revealed the couple is expecting their first child, who was allegedly conceived before marriage. Not a vast shocking detail for most in 2017, but a big defiant Duggar family scandal no-no. Most fans believe the major attitude changes taking place with the family unit are also due to the extremely strict rules Jim Bob and Michelle have forced on the group while growing up.

The family rules include the wardrobe, absolutely no bikinis were permitted, and for the males no swim trunks. Full bodysuit style swimwear is all that has been acceptable. No dancing or face to face hugging. Dancing is considered too sexual. While courting the only display of affection permitted is side hugging. With all of these rules, it is no surprise that some of the Duggars are beginning to break off from the family's old-fashioned beliefs.

Most fans have a feeling that this is only the beginning of the family mutiny, with so many different personalities, things are bound to explode very soon. If TLC continues to film, this could make for some very interesting future reality television coming our way. Are you surprised by the Duggar family changes that have already begun since the family began their trek in reality TV?