Much of the discussions about the NBC hit drama series This Is Us” season 2 are focused on how Jack Pearson died. Towards the end of its premiere episode, a hint was revealed to the audience; and the potential answer is that Milo Ventimiglia’s character died because of a fire that gutted their house. However, the opening episode did not reveal fully yet the details surrounding the tragic incident.

Mandy Moore – who plays Jack’s wife Rebecca – told Entertainment Weekly that the revelation “won’t prove to be a bust or a cop-out.” The singer/actress said that the fire was the reason Jack passed away.

However, details such as how it started and was the family in the house when it occurred, will be gradually answered as season 2 progresses.

Other interesting details

Moore urged the show’s avid followers to also took notice of other hints that “This Is Us” season 2 opener provided. Among these were the dog, who was the girl comforting Randall, and why was Kevin’s leg in a cast. The 33-year-old actress said that all of these are interesting details, which will be answered during the course of the second season.

What was Kate’s role?

“This Is Us” fans are surely anticipating as well what was Kate’s role in the death of Jack. Back in season 1, it was revealed that Kate harbors feelings of guilt about her father’s death.

Now that the house fire storyline has been disclosed, viewers are reasonably assuming that she may be the one who caused the tragic incident.

How did the fire start?

Naturally, speculations as to the cause of the fire are burning in the minds of many avid viewers of the show. One theory shared on Reddit may provide the answer fans are eagerly wanting to find out in the subsequent episodes.

The theory posits that the fire could have been caused by the defective washing machine situated in the basement of the Pearson’s house. Back in season 1, Kevin moved to the basement to get away from Randall. On Kevin’s first night, the washing machine suddenly turned on prompting him to yell for Rebecca. He then complained that the “washing machine is possessed.”

That scene may have been a clue that the washing machine was malfunctioning, and its defect started the flame that gutted the entire home of the Pearson’s.

It is also noteworthy to point out that this washing machine was part of the memorable moments of Jack and Rebecca’s marriage. So, could this be another hint that would shed light on Jack’s death? We will just have to wait to find out.

“This Is Us” season two airs every Tuesday on NBC.