The latest “How to Get Away With Murder" Season 4 episode has just revealed something rather unusual: For once, Annalise doesn’t seem to be the one masterminding the cover-up of a crime scene. In fact, she might not have anything to do with it at all. WARNING: spoilers ahead.

A step away

Just as “HTGAWM" Season 4 creator Pete Nowalk predicted in the past, the latest season of the hit legal drama “How to Get Away With Murder” seemed to have just taken a step away from its rather old yet popular ways. While previous seasons of the show centered around crimes being masterfully covered up by legendary defense lawyer Annalise Keating, the latest crime scene in the show doesn’t seem to have anything to do with her at all.

Or at least not directly this time.

Who is the victim?

The show’s fifth episode, entitled “I Love Her”, revealed flash-forwards from the season that showed Asher behind bars for a crime that he seemed to have committed. Blood was splattered all over the floor of what appears to be Tegan’s office — an indication that someone may have just been either killed or seriously injured. Oliver, who was just starting to enjoy his new job at Caplan & Gold, appears to be the sole witness to this mysterious and awfully bloody incident. But the question is, who could have possibly been the victim? At this point in the series, it’s somewhat likely that the victim may have been Simon, who works at Caplan & Gold with Michaela and Oliver.

With Michaela looking seemingly unharmed and Oliver looking intact during the flash-forwards in the show, there seem to be only two possibilities left. Simon, as well as Michaela's boss, Tegan, could be the only possible victims in the show's latest bloody incident. But then again, in “HTGAWM”, anything can happen.

Faking it

The scenes leading to the revelation of Asher’s imprisonment showed that Michaela has been helping Laurel take down her father and that she has been trying to keep Asher out of the loop for his own safety.

Meanwhile, Frank somehow managed to goad Asher into thinking that Michaela might be cheating on him, prompting him to start investigating on his girlfriend. Just shortly after his conversation with Frank, Asher caught Michaela lying to him about where she was — an incident that might have triggered the crazy in him.

Asher was convinced that Michaela may have been cheating on him, and the location of the crime scene seemed to have proven that the victim may be connected to the firm where Michaela is working.

Flash-forwards in the show revealed Asher crying in solitary confinement later on. But the question is, was he really crying? Or was he just fake crying? Upcoming episodes “How to Get Away With Murder" Season 4 seems to hold the answer.