Season one of "How To Get Away With Murder" aired September 2014 and gained immediately popularity. This crime drama TV series is centered on Professor Keating, played by Viola Davis, and the five students she picks to mentor. With season three culling fan favorite Wes Gibbons, season four will reveal his murderer to the gang who will subsequently turn on Laurel.

Why is everyone blaming Laurel?

Laurel and Wes got together in season three but unfortunately, their romance was short lived as Wes was murdered. Why would the now, Keating Four turn against one of their own?

The answer can be found with Laurel's father. He has been referenced in the show by Laurel before and he also featured in a few episodes. Jorge Castillo is a hard and unforgiving character and in the two-hour season finale of season three it is revealed that he hired an old friend to murder Wes.

This revelation is to be revealed in season four of "How To Get Away With Murder" and as the Keating Four learn the truth behind their friends death the blame is to shift to Laurel. It is doubtful that Laurel ever anticipated her father orchestrating such an act but her innocence will be drawn into question. As the gang learn how Wes died feelings of grief and anger will take over until vengeance is sought for their friend.

Season four to return with more drama than ever before

Picking up from where it left off in season three "How to Get Away With Murder" will be brimming with drama, murder and disbelief as season four premieres. Laurel is pregnant with Wes' baby and as of yet there is no resolution as to whether or not she will keep it. Asher confessed his love to Michaela but it was not immediately returned.

The Keating Four's relationships with one another are strained as they recently turned on one another in the wake of Wes' death and not to mention what Annalise has been through.

The Keating Four are likely to disband in the upcoming fourth season. As the law students deal with the events of the past season, and it appears as if their leader, Annalise Keating will abandon them for some much needed rest and recuperation.

The death of Wes hit Annalise hard as in many ways he was becoming a surrogate son for the professor. Meanwhile, the show will delve into the murder of Wes Gibbons at the hands of Dominic and the mystery of who else was involved in his death.

Season four of "How To Get Away With Murder" is expected to premiere September 2017. With many burning questions fans can not wait to see their favorite law students back in action. However, one should not be surprised should the focus of the show step away from the character of Annalise and focus more on the corruption of the Castillo's.