Taylor Swift recently released her music video for ‘...Ready For It?’ the second single from her upcoming album, Reputation.

The video is directed by Joseph Kahn, a frequent collaborator with Swift. The video revolves around a sci-fi based storyline, featuring two opposite characters played by Swift. The music video broke records after gaining over 20 million views less than a day after its release.

Swift receives backlash over bodysuit

Taylor Swift was met with controversy for wearing a nude bodysuit. In the music video, she plays a character that’s imprisoned by an evil version of Swift.

She wore a head-to-toe, skin-toned bodysuit, similar to what Scarlett Johansson wore in ‘Ghost in Shell.’ Many say the director took heavy inspiration from the sci-fi movie.

Many were critical that the suit was too risque and that Swift appears to be naked. Over the years, Swift has maintained a very clean image of herself. In an interview with Glamour Magazine, she told them she doesn’t believe taking risks equates to taking her clothes off. She gave her view of risk as being honest through music about her life. She defines risk as being honest and vulnerable in her music.

"I find it relatively easy to keep my clothes on because I don't really feel like taking them off,” she told the magazine.

After the release of the ‘...Ready For It?’ music video, a lot of people claimed she was being hypocritical and ‘pulling a Kardashian’ by wearing the nude bodysuit.

Swift responds to criticism

Taylor Swift responded cheekily to the backlash on Instagram. She shared three pictures of her in the bodysuit on her Instagram Story.

“It truly warms my heart that people had so much to say about this bodysuit,” She captioned one of the photos.

The suit was used during the ‘Old Taylor’ scenes of the music video.

Then CGI was used to make her appear more cyborg-like.

The success of Swift’s second single

Overall, Swift’s music video has done extremely well since its release. The song's lyrics give many hints that it may be about her current boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

Many fans have been quick to decode the hidden numbers and messages laced within the video. References of her current boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, Joseph Kahn, Calvin Harris, and Kim Kardashian have been pointed out by fans.

The singer also included references to her old songs and possible clues to the new songs in her upcoming album. Swift has yet to make a statement on the exact meaning of the ‘...Ready For It’ video and all its hidden messages.

Reputation, Taylor Swift’s sixth studio album, will be released this November 10.