The latest episode of “Hell's Kitchen” Season 17 just aired and for the first time this season, the tide has turned. The reality series kicked off on September 29 and the fourth episode titled “Just Letter Cook” aired on October 20.

This all-star edition of the series pitted 16 former contestants against each other in another grueling cooking experience, giving them another shot at aiming for the top. The winner of this season will be given the position as head chef at the first-ever Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

The game of chance

For this episode, Gordon Ramsay wanted to emphasize showmanship especially because the contestants are vying to become the head chef of a restaurant situated in the most competitive location in the United States. In Las Vegas, a restaurant can only stand out if it the food tastes great and looks great.

Gordon pitted the Red Team and the Blue Team in a game of chance to test their knowledge in ingredients. After an intense volleying of random ingredients, the Red Team ended up with mushrooms, cantaloupe, snap peas, peanut butter, rice, asparagus, and blueberry, while the Blue Team had to do away with bacon, raisins, portobello mushroom, artichoke, syrup, cauliflower, and maraschino cherries.

The Red Team once again won the first game, but for the first time in “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 17, they finally won their first real challenge after gaining 25 points in the team challenge using their random ingredients and the provided proteins to make a good dish. The girls’ team earned a trip to Santa Barbara and an overnight stay at the Belmond El Encanto Resort.

While the ladies celebrated their redemption, the Blue Team had to deal with a truckload of delivered potatoes and a hundred-pound worth of garbage recycling. However, it seems like the worst is yet to come for the Blue Team.

Another elimination round twist

The dinner service started off great as both teams strived hard to serve a huge birthday table and two celebrity guests, namely MMA fighter Paige VanZant and former Playmate Shannon Tweed.

After the short vacation, the Red Team were rejuvenated and gave an outstanding performance during the dinner service.

However, the Blue Team were in shambles for the first time when Josh decided to work on his own. Josh was assigned to the risotto station, but he earned Gordon and his own team’s disappointment when he made too many extra servings.

During the elimination round, the Blue Team nominated Josh and Giovanni, but because they unanimously wanted Josh out, Gordon made an unexpected decision. Josh has been kicked out of the Blue Team, but he’s been switched out with Red Team’s Robyn, giving the two a chance to show what they can really do after delivering the poorest performance since the season started.

Nobody was eliminated in this week’s episode of “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 17, but the surprising twist in the elimination round was received with mixed emotions. Blue Team’s satisfied that Josh is out of their team but it seems like Elise from the Red Team is giving him the cold shoulder.