Jinger Duggar has a gift of music. She plays the piano and violin well and she uses her talent to support her mother-in-law Diana Vuolo's non-profit organization Swan 4 Kids. The organization aims to give children whose parents have a history of incarceration a life-changing experience by mentoring them through the discipline of music lessons and performance. When Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar learned about their daughter’s involvement in the organization they showed their support and encouraged their followers to help the institution, too.

Jinger’s parents help her promote Swan 4 Kids

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar called on their fans to "consider praying for and donating" to the organization that aims to help children through music lesson, International Business Times reported. Swan 4 Kids is founded by Jeremy’s mom, a professional violinist.

The institution is keeping Jinger and Jeremy busy lately. In a video posted on Facebook, Jeremy talked about a woman named Anna who, at 17, years old was housed in a state detention center when both of her parents were incarcerated. She had nowhere to go and was left on her own.

Jinger and Jeremy also shared a story of another SWAN member who was abandoned by her parents. Her mom is a drug addict while her dad is in jail.

The unfortunate circumstance left her without a real home, but SWAN 4 Kids enabled her to do what she loves. She finds comfort, strength, and joy in singing. Just months after taking singing lessons, she is now performing at various events.

The organization that Jeremy's mom founded, aims to help children like Anna finds permanent shelter.

Jinger is very open about her support for the organization. The "Counting On" star confessed that she grew up taking violin and piano lessons and she loves it. Music is a big part of their home. In fact, Jeremy constantly runs around the house while singing.

Jinger enjoys going out with Jeremy

Jinger and Jeremy will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary in a few weeks time.

Unlike most of her sisters, who immediately get pregnant shortly after the wedding, the couple is not expecting yet. So, they have all the time to enjoy their time together.

Earlier this week, the two went out and had a movie date. The “19 Kids and Counting” star shared a snap of their date on Instagram. In the photo, Jeremy looked surprised and confused because no one else was in the theater other than them. Jinger joked that it was not a good time to watch movies on a Monday afternoon.

The Duggar critics slammed Jinger and Jeremy while explaining that the majority of the people are still working at that time because they don’t have any TVshows that give them money, implying to the couple’s reality TV show on TLC.

Some questioned the pair if they are employed while others suggested that Jinger should find a real job.

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