The latest previews for the upcoming episode of “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 17 have just been revealed, giving viewers a peek at what’s going to happen on the show next week. Otherwise referred to as “Hell’s Kitchen: All Stars," the new episode teased a game of chance and probably some romance in the air.

A chance to turn the tide

In the latest preview from “Hell’s Kitchen,” Gordon Ramsay has revealed another unexpected brain-racking challenge. Last week was to see who was the fastest when it comes to stacking cups, but next week’s episode will determine who can actually think fast.

Ramsay has introduced a game of chance that will give both teams an opportunity to make it hard for their opponents. The said game of chance simply asks the team to name an ingredient that starts with the letter that will randomly flash on the screen.

The catch is that the chef that gets stumped first loses their team’s chance to give more ingredients and gives the opposing team the freedom to pick the ingredient they want. The stumped team not only misses a chance to pick their own ingredient to their liking, but the opposing team also gets the liberty to give them the ingredient they'd have to work with.

The preview teased that the game of chance isn’t panning well for the Blue Team and Red Team swoops in on this opportunity to give them hard ingredients in hopes to finally win in the next challenge.

Red Team took mushrooms first and gave the Blue Team a random ingredient, maraschino cherries.

However, Red Team has displayed a lack of unity for the past three episodes, which earned them two consecutive kick-outs from the kitchen. Their plan to make it hard for the Blue Team might just backfire if they can’t learn to get along and work together just like the men’s team.

Something smells fishy

The first official preview of “Hell’s Kitchen: All Stars” episode 4 revealed that Red Team's Barbie has certainly gotten over the elimination round. After arguing with her teammates, Barbie is seen openly flirting with Blue Team’s Van.

It seems like the two actually have a thing for each other, but Van’s advances could be something he's doing on purpose to rattle Barbie and sabotage her performance.

The preview further revealed that Barbie gets in another tight position as she makes another series of mistakes that simply got on Gordon’s nerves.

“Hell’s Kitchen: All Stars” episode 4 is scheduled to air on Fox on October 20. Given what the teasers revealed, fans are looking forward to what’s cooking in the upcoming episode titled “Just Letter Cook.”