The latest episode of the seventeenth season of “Hell’s Kitchen” aired on October 20 and for the first time ever, the Red Team has finally redeemed themselves and won both the team challenge and the dinner service.

The new season, which is also referred to as “Hell’s Kitchen: All Stars,” gathers sixteen former contestants of the show from various seasons, giving them another shot at showing their skills and proving that they deserved the second chance. The winner of this season will be given the position as head chef of Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

The unexpected switch

This week’s episode featured the Red Team’s first win in this season after defeating the Blue Team in the team challenge as well as showing a great performance during the busy dinner service. The Blue Team earned their first closet scolding and elimination round after four of their members triggered utmost disappointment from Gordon Ramsay.

The Blue Team eventually nominated Josh and Giovanni for the elimination round, but it was evident that they simply wanted to get rid of Josh, who was the weakest link in this episode’s dinner service. Josh was made in charge of the risotto and he refused help from teammates, and he ended up serving more risotto than they needed.

Josh never bounced back from his series of mistakes and the Blue Team was disappointed in him because of the way he deviated from their teamwork and insulted their cooking skills.

Gordon learned that the entire Blue Team wanted Josh out of their team, so the British celebrity chef made an unexpected decision.

Gordon switched Josh with Robyn from the Red Team, explaining that he’s only doing this to give them another chance to prove their worth. With the members switched, the Blue Team is happy that Josh is not with them anymore, but it seems like the Red Team doesn’t share the same sentiments.

Josh calls out Elise for being a bully

The fifth episode of “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 17 is set to air on November 3 and it is titled “Josh Josh Josh.” The early preview for the upcoming episode revealed that Josh will have a hard time dealing with his new team, too.

The Blue Team’s goal in this week’s episode was to get rid of Josh and they didn’t care if he got eliminated or switched with another member.

Now that the Red Team is left to deal with Josh, things are brewing up once again with Elise airing her dissatisfaction over the unexpected result.

During this week’s elimination round, Elise was the first one to show how she really felt about Josh joining the Red Team and it seems like she won’t be hiding it for the rest of the season. Josh noticed Elise evident disappointment and decided he needed to talk to her.

However, Elise clearly didn’t want to make amends and because of her stubbornness, Josh calls out Elise for bullying her teammates. The scene reveals the rest of the Red Team agreeing to Josh’s accusation and backing him up.

The twist made a bigger rift between the members of the Red Team and the drama continued in the kitchen. With Josh and the girls’ ganging up on the team’s resident tyrant, Elise decides to rebel and puts the Red Team in shock when she refused to do anything during the dinner service.