The latest episode of “Hell’s Kitchen: All-Stars” season 17 aired on October 13. The new episode featured an unexpected challenge awaiting the two all-star teams.

Last week, the Red Team went through a tough challenge that forced them out of the kitchen for the first time. Their divided voices led them to pick Elise and Robyn for elimination, but due to a twist of fate, Josh from the Blue Team was sent home instead because his health issues made him a huge liability to his team.

Terror of Tower challenge

Hell's Kitchen: All-Stars” brought in an unexpected guest — an 11-year old child named Matthew, who happened to be a master in cup stacking.

After a jaw-dropping display of his skills, Gordon Ramsay pitted the teams in a cups stacking match.

The unexpected challenge was to emphasize Gordon’s point that a chef has to be good with his hands. The cups stacking challenge exercised how a chef should be fast with his hands and Michelle, who volunteered as the Red Team’s representative, defeated Jared in the fun competition.

The real challenge was a seafood tower that both teams had to replicate. The seafood tower consisted of four tiers of various delicacies including lobsters, oysters, razor clams, and sea urchins.

The Red Team gained a 30-second head start in the seafood tower challenge after winning the cup stacking competition, but despite their bonus time, the Blue Team won.

The men’s team went on a lunch at Mastro’s Ocean Club in Malibu and played soccer with the best female athletes in the United States, while the Red Team had to prep two kitchens and a hundred pounds of seafood for the dinner service as their punishment.

The elimination round

The dinner service was packed and both teams had a great start, but the Red Team started to stumble because of lack of communication and a streak of mistakes.

The Blue Team continued with a great pace and their performance in this episode of “Hell’s Kitchen: All-Stars” might just be their best yet.

The series of careless mistakes from the Red Team eventually cost them another early trip out of the kitchen and Blue Team had to take over the two kitchens. The Red Team picked Barbie and Robyn for the elimination round but Ashley and Manda were added in the line-up after Gordon found out that they were also nominated.

Gordon eventually eliminated Ashley, making her the second contestant in this season to take off her jacket. Ashley looked disconnected and lost during the dinner service and her lack of passion left a negative impression on Gordon.