The latest episode of “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 17 recently aired. The new episode featured a new bar menu challenge as well as a mind-blowing elimination round.

The new season of “Hell’s Kitchen” released its first episode on Sept. 29 and for the first time, host Gordon Ramsay gathered contestants from various seasons of the show to give them another chance. The winner of the All-Star season will be awarded the position as head chef at the first Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

Gordon reveals special bar menu challenge

The second episode of the All-Star season opened up with a special challenge. Gordon revealed that he will be selecting the best dish that will be placed in the special bar menu for the entire run of the current season.

Given only 40 minutes to complete the challenge, each chef scrambled to cook up the most appetizing dish. The dishes were first checked by Gordon’s two sous chefs, who are tasked to pick the top four dishes on their respective teams.

After choosing his ultimate four picks among his sous chefs' choices, Gordon finally chooses Milly’s hand-cut French fries, which also lands the Blue Team member an immunity from the impending elimination. Michelle is a bit disappointed that her dish wasn’t picked and she couldn’t believe that Milly’s French fries got picked over seven other dishes.

Elimination round stirs trouble

After a studying the menu, the teams headed to their respective stations to prepare for a big night. Aside from the impending elimination, the All-Star season of “Hell’s Kitchen” has invited singer Jordin Sparks and actor Joe Mantegna for the featured chef’s table.

Sparks will be served by the Red Team while Mantegna gets the Blue Team.

The service started well, but it went downhill, most especially for the girls’ team (Red).

Blue Team went through a few bumps but they bounced back great and Gordon was thoroughly impressed by their performance in delivering the final ticket without a hitch. However, the same cannot be said with the Red Team as some of its chefs displayed poor performances.

Ashley was having trouble making a simple carbonara, while Manda burned their last order of salmon. Elise had the biggest blunder after failing to cook the meat several times.

This infuriated Gordon and forced him to call out Giovanni from the Blue Team to coach Elise. Manda’s salmon mistake was the last straw, which led Gordon to kick the entire Red Team out of the kitchen.

The Blue Team was given safety after completing their service and the Red Team picked Elise and Manda for the elimination round. Gordon made the rest of the Red Team chefs choose who they want to send home, but to everyone’s surprise, Gordon ultimately chose Blue Team’s Ben to take off his jacket and go home.

Apparently, Ben has been having trouble with his health and Gordon foresaw that Ben will not be able to handle the rest of the season.

Ben, who’s the first eliminated chef in “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 17 All-Stars understood where Gordon was coming from and left the show without hard feelings.

However, the twist in the elimination round has brewed up trouble for Red Team, as Manda and Elise stay behind. Back in the dorms, a huge argument broke out between Robyn and Elise.

The huge argument between the two most competitive contestants in the show seems like it isn’t going to stop anytime soon. The drama continues in the next episode of “Hell’s Kitchen” Season 17, which will air on Oct. 13.