By hosting two popular TV cooking series, Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon Ramsay (50) became known not only as a top chef but also as a notoriously badass critic. His aggressive temper, impressive face, and incredible culinary mastery have even earned him awards and millions of fans. And now, on Feb. 3rd, he launched his newest project – a digital cooking platform which allows mostly amateur cooks to better their cooking techniques. It further provides an opportunity for his millions of fans to reach out to Ramsay on Twitter and ask for his opinion about their personal achievements in the kitchen.

Ramsay shows thumbs down

As you can expect, Ramsay is not very willing to depart from his usual self, so he pretty much sticks to him being-- well, Gordon Ramsay. He rarely shows mercy and the home cooks must feel his harsh critiques like stab wounds. Here is what he answered to a woman who asked him for a feedback on her beef and potato mousse dinner plate, ‘’This looks as if it was cooked quite some time ago… 1993 perhaps?” To another female fan who is bragging over her roast chicken, which, however, look quite burnt, he tweets, “You suppose to roast it, not to take to a crematorium.”

Ramsay also loves to compare dishes to vomit, plastic, and floor carpets. But when he came upon the picture of some kid’s school lunch – a pulled pork sandwich, he was simply outraged.

“Looks like you pulled it out from my great grandad’s underwear.”

The Ramsay obsession is growing strong

Although the notoriously critical chef rarely praises dishes, and he would rather tell home cooks their food looks disgusting, the public just cannot have enough of his spiteful comments. Some people are especially badly scorned as they have the nerve to upload a picture of their “pie made from scratch” with the pie box visible in the background.

Some time ago, though, Ramsay managed to make vegans’ blood boil of anger as they couldn’t take kindly the joke he made on Twitter. When asked if he was allergic to something, the chef responded, “Vegans.” That was one of the rare occasions when Ramsay actually apologized and clarified it was a joke. Obviously!

If you are a wanna-be cook, ready to swallow some mean criticism, consider tweeting a photo of your own culinary masterpiece to the GordonRamsay.Twitter account.