derick dillard, made famous due to his marriage to Jill Duggar and featured heavily on her family's series, "Counting On," has recently landed himself in hot water again due to his feelings about transgender individuals. Previously, Derick Dillard got into trouble after blasting Jazz Jennings, a teenage trans girl who stars in the TLC series "I Am Jazz," the same network where Dillard appears. Derick felt that he should speak out against Jazz due to the fact that her being transsexual is "against God," and he is ashamed that TLC endorses her. TLC spoke out against Dillard but did not fire him, as many called for.

'We do not need to accept transgender individuals'

Derick and his wife, Jill, have both recently posted to social media that they are reading a book by a woman named Janice Raymond. Derick was so moved by a passage from the book, that he felt the need to tweet it to his followers. According to Raymond, trans individuals should be granted all of the same rights as everyone else and should not face discrimination.

However, she also asserts that while they should not face discrimination, they do not necessarily have to be accepted as the identity they choose. According to Raymond, which Derick heartily agrees, it is okay to say that trans individuals are not the identity they have chosen and that misgendering them is actually okay.

Derick and his social media blunders

Derick has had several social media blunders since he has started his Twitter account. His wife, Jill, is typically less vocal online. However, Derick has gotten criticism for several of his faux pas, including telling someone they "love the Chinese" and would welcome them in their church.

In addition to denouncing Jazz, he has also taken the time to comment on the current situation with the NFL and "taking a knee." According to Derick, the United States is an anomaly and one of the least racist countries in America, which understandably, rubbed many people the wrong way. The young father-of-two was called out by several people on social media for making comments about racism, saying that he doesn't actually understand what it is he's making commentary on.

Derick and Jill have recently moved from their home in Central America to Northwest Arkansas, where they are preaching to college students. However, rumors are swirling that they were fired from their missionary work thanks to Derick's social media posts.