This week on "Grey's Anatomy" the viewers got to see Amelia go through something pretty rough as she had a Brain Tumor removed. She found out that this has been changing her for the last few years, but she has been released from the hospital and it looks like she is going to be okay. E! Online shared what Caterina Scorsone had to say about Amelia's future.

Caterina explains things are looking up

As Caterina Scorsone said, things can only go up for Amelia now. She shared that this season there are big plans to bring back some of the "lighthearted humor." She says that now that they have gotten through this hard part, she really sees that things are going to be better for Amelia soon.

A few things happened last night that were hard to watch. Amelia couldn't speak at first and then she couldn't speak in English. The hardest part was when she thought that her brother Derek was still alive and should be called to help her out. She finally realized that he wasn't and tried to play it off like she knew all along.

One thing she mentioned is that Deluca was able to get Amelia to figure out that the other shoe isn't necessarily going to drop now. Now she can rethink everything and start over. The thing is Amelia herself feels like she has to get to know herself all over again. Things that she has done over the past few years she doesn't know if they were her decisions or if the tumor made her do those things.

As Caterina explained now she has a chance to move on in a new way.

At first, it looked like Amelia was going to leave Owen behind, but he explained that they got married for in sickness and in health and now he is going to stick by her side. The new episode of "Grey's Anatomy" ended with Amelia going home with Owen. Caterina shared that she feels like things aren't clear for them right now.

It is going to take time for these two to figure out what is best for them and if they can stay together or not.

What scared Caterina the most in this episode?

Caterina Scorsone explained that there was one thing that was really scary for her. She said, "I mean, I think the initial wake up when she thinks that she's talking and realizes it's happening in her head and no one can hear her.

I can't imagine the kind of crushing, claustrophobic horror of that situation."

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