‘’Grey’s Anatomy’’ is a show that becomes part of its viewers’ life and they connect to it strongly. As with any other show, fans have their favorite and least favorite characters. They root for relationships, smile and cry with the characters. Monologue quotes that we hear throughout each episode sometimes hit us hard and we find ourselves in them. The plot revolves around Dr. Meredith Grey and her lovable group of emotionally poignant pals. We get to enter their professional and private lives. Although many moments from the show made us happy, some of them left us sobbing.

Season 14 has started last week and we're expecting many more beautiful and shocking moments.

1. Meredith confronting her father

Meredith Grey is a person that just wasn’t lucky when it comes to parents. Her dad Thatcher walked out on her as a child and her mum was never satisfied with her, no matter what Meredith did. Meredith wanted some answers; she looked up her father's address and went to visit him. She asked him in tears why he didn't try harder to stay with her mother and why he just left. Meredith never got close to her father and he died eventually.

2. Christina left at the altar

Fans know Christina Yang isn’t someone who believes in marriage or family and that her career is the most important thing for her.

However, her boyfriend, Dr. Burke, finally convinces her to get married. They go through some ups and downs and, after much stressful wedding preparation, he calls off the wedding at the last minute. Christina is torn apart but Meredith really does her part in this situation and comforts Christina as a true friend she is.

3. Meredith realizing George is dead

Most fans loved George O'Malley from the first few seasons. He was a sweetheart and a true friend. Although he had a crush on Meredith for some time, they never actually started a relationship. After a tough family situation, George decides to quit his job at the hospital and join the Army.

In the season 5 finale, a John Doe comes into the hospital after being hit by a bus. The man is unrecognizable due to his injuries and can't speak. However, Meredith is the one to identify him after he outlines the numbers "007" on Meredith's palm, his nickname at the hospital. George died and fans were devastated.

4. A shooter threatening the hospital and shooting Derek

This series of moments was truly traumatizing for the fans. Gary Clark comes in armed to revenge his wife’s death and to punish everyone that had something to do with it. He kills two interns, wounds Alex and Derek and threatens April, Christina, and Lexie. It's a tense, nail-biting episode and the event affected the characters strongly.

5. Deaths on the show

The show really didn’t spare its fans when it comes to their favorite characters’ woes and deaths. It’s difficult to choose only some to add to this list since they all were heart-breaking. Two doctors lost their loved men; Izzie Stevens’s boyfriend Denny Duquette died and Teddy Altman lost her husband Henry Burton. Both women were devastated and the fans really felt for them.

Lexie and Mark are the characters whose deaths the fans will never be over. They loved each other strongly and both died as a result of a plane crash. Everyone mourned them and the fans shed tears.

Finally, the death that marked an era in the show was that of Derek Shepherd. No one could deal with the fact that McDreamy was gone for good. It was the end of the greatest love story on the show and the things are not the same since he’s been gone.