Fans of "Teen Mom 2" were shocked to see David Eason treat Jenelle Evans' son, Kaiser, 3, in a semi-abusive manner on the most recent episode. During filming, Jenelle and David attempted to take photos for their "save the date" for their upcoming wedding. Curious, Kaiser went to look in the viewfinder. Instead of being told to go somewhere else or guided toward his toys, both Jenelle and David swore at him. David ran to Kaiser and grabbed his upper arm, taking him rather roughly toward his brother, Jace. Kaiser, being a toddler, immediately began to cry.

At one point, he screamed, "Feed me!" which many took as a sign that they were neglecting their child to attend to the photos.

'Kaiser isn't afraid of me!'

Nathan Griffith, Kaiser's father, has previously stated that his son is terrified of his stepdad, David. He has said that David has taken him on a boat without a life vest and that Kaiser almost fell off. Jenelle's oldest son, Jace, has also similarly told his grandmother that he doesn't like David and is afraid of him when he goes to visit his mother's house.

David denies that Kaiser is afraid of him, and posted a photo on Instagram to prove that they are a happy family. He showed a photo of Kaiser on his lap, with his and Jenelle's daughter, Ensley, sharing a family moment together.

This, he says, is proof that the family unit is well-adjusted and happy.

'We don't have problems'

Jenelle Evans has frequently been criticized for showcasing her family life on social media as perfect, even when "Teen Mom 2" depicts her family as far from it. Although Jace has told her repeatedly that he is afraid of David, she has contradicted him and convinced him that he is not afraid of her husband.

In an upcoming episode of the series, Jace tells his mother that he doesn't want her to marry David, but then adds that he was just kidding -- likely to cover up what he was really thinking.

Jenelle has claimed that she and her family are constantly getting a "bad edit" and that she doesn't get credit for how much she has changed since coming off of heroin.

She feels that she should have her eldest son "back" in her full custody even though her mother has taken primary custodianship of him due to her addiction. According to Jenelle, Kaiser was not asking his parents to feed him, but instead was asking for help from his brother, Jace. Jenelle says that he has a speech impediment, and because of this, he should not be subtitled by the production company.