danielle Mullins of "90 Day Fiance" isn't really on reality television anymore since her relationship with Mohamed is over. There is no reason for them to be on the show. She has shared that she is going to nursing school, but now In Touch Weekly revealed that Danielle has found another way to bring in a bit of income.

Once you lose your reality show gig, you get used to having a bit more money and Danielle is going to have to find a way to supplement that income. She was actually working on another reality show that would be a makeover show, but that all ended up falling through and she didn't get to do it.

Danielle shares details of her new venture

Danielle is sharing all of the details about what is doing with her fans. She went with her family to get some pictures done, but at the time she decided that she wanted to get some of herself alone done as well. Danielle wanted this so she could use them to sell to her fans, but of course, she is going to autograph them all first. The fans seem interested in having one of these pictures of her.

The fans are loving her pictures and Danielle Mullins got a lot of positive comments from fans on them. They were telling her how great she looked. It seems like getting a divorce from Mohamed and moving on might have been the best thing for her. She looked great and happy with her family.

Danielle revealed that she was only sharing some of her photos and that there are more of them as well. You never know which picture a fan will end up getting if they order an autographed photo from her, but so far, they all look nice.

Danielle Mullins probably won't get rich from selling her autographed pictures, but if the fans are loving them then it is a great way for her to bring in a bit more income.

It is really hard to go to school and have a job at the same time.

How is Danielle Mullins doing now?

Right now, it sounds like Danielle is doing great. She is going to nursing school and has been dating. She has moved on from her time with Mohamed and now they are not together at all now. They recently got a divorce and she was unable to find a way to get him sent back home, but Mohamed recently said that he would be moving to Texas.

It does sound like getting away from Danielle and Florida may be what is best for him.

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