It’s not been an easy ride for Black Bolt, although he currently looks safe for now. It’s the other Inhumans trapped on Earth that we may need to worry about. Medusa looks like she’s now on the run from the police, while Gorgon is looking to fight back. At the same time, Maximus continues to cement his position as the new King of Attilan, but it could have some dangerous consequences.

Just what can we expect from Marvel’s “Inhumans” season 1, episode 4? The promo may give us a few clues for Friday night.

Maximus’ power continues to grow

Propaganda is a powerful thing.

We know that history is written by the victors and that is clearly the case when it comes to “Inhumans” this week. The latest promo shows that Maximus knows where Black Bolt is. Now he needs to get a team there to make sure the true king of Attilan is killed. The last thing Maximus needs is for the real king to return and tell all.

However, while the inhumans remain trapped on earth, Maximus does have the power to manipulate events. At the moment, the group of humans and inhumans on the moon believes that the Royal Family ran away; abdicating their right to the throne. Crystal’s actions against Maximus last week likely just helped to cement his position further. This is a man who is exceptionally good at twisting situations for his own gain.

Medusa and Gorgon continue to search for Black Bolt

The last we saw of Black Bolt, he’d jumped onto a helicopter to escape prison. Medusa was just about to reunite with her husband, but Black Bolt couldn’t hear her over the sounds of the helicopter. Now she will have to search for him again, but this time the news won’t help her find him.

It doesn’t look good for Medusa, though. She was in the middle of the prison, after punching a guard to get through. The police will be after her now, as well, and it doesn’t look like anybody is going to come after her. Will Louise be enough to help her get away?

As for Gorgon, he continues to gain the support of the humans he found on the beach.

The humans are willing to risk their lives for Gorgon’s cause, even though it won’t be a fair fight. Last week they had to retreat after Auran and her soldiers attacked.

We may also get more of a backstory behind Medusa. This is needed, considering how important Medusa once was to Maximus. We also need to know more about why Medusa’s family and Maximus’ family were once against each other.

Are you ready for a twisted episode? Marvel’s “Inhumans” continues on Friday, Oct. 13 at 9/8c on ABC.