“Arrow” Season 6 will return on October 10 but let us not forget how the previous season tragically ended. The main big bad in Season 5 was Prometheus, and it seems like he and Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) will cross each other’s path again.

According to Screen Rant, Oliver Queen will be joining his comrades for the Arrowverse crossover on Earth X. He will be facing another Prometheus, making things far more worst than viewers can expect. However, despite the entire forthcoming chaos, the Green Arrow will continue to man up.

‘Arrow’ new poster for Season 6

The earlier source revealed that the new poster proves Season 6’s chaotic state. Along with “Arrow,” other series like “The Flash,” “Supergirl,” and “Legends of Tomorrow” will return this October. Each series will immediately dive into its upcoming status.

As for the Star City’s famous vigilante, the Season 6 will instantly address the fallout happened in Lian Yu Island. Viewers will soon find who survived to see the present day in Star City. The explosion was a tragic event that may have killed some of the series’ major characters.

Traumatic events have happened, but viewers will reportedly see Oliver Queen smile more often. There could be plenty of reasons behind this happiness.

In the end, a lot of issues are still expected to ruin the fun.

Meanwhile, we previously reported that Black Siren and the new Black Canary will return in Season 6. It can be recalled that Oliver’s fatherhood experience will be a tough one as well. In the recent teaser, it looks like his son William will be living with him after the incident in Lian Yu.

There are high chances that William’s mother did not survive the explosion.

Season 6 tagline

The poster reveals a simple yet intense tagline “Live to fight another.” We know that the Green Arrow has been a loyal hero not only to the citizens of Star City but also to his fellow team members. On one end, he tends to hesitate giving trust especially when things get extremely dangerous.

Avid followers of “Arrow” will see if he fights alone to protect the people he loved. Moreover, he will always choose to battle against anyone even in the smallest percent of victory. After all his team members are usually stubborn, frequently insisting to fight alongside Oliver Queen.

Furthermore, primary reports regarding season 6 talked about Richard Dragon. His villainous role is going to be one of the series’ main problems. Aside from this is Colton Haynes’ potential reappearance in the series. “Arrow” Season 6 airs on The CW.