The FlashSeason 4 is set to return in October, and the series will regain its glory in the upcoming season. While the series was renewed, one of the minds behind the show admitted he would have changed a detail from the Season 3 if had the chance.

It can be recalled that “The Flash” series has a counterbalance setup to “Arrow.” The collaboration of both shows had prioritized a fun way to reminisce the age of comics. Unfortunately, these hit shows have gone darker over the previous seasons. It is a relief that the people behind the show are well aware of this shift and its negative impact on the viewers.

‘The Flash’ fourth season focuses on fun again

According to Screen Rant, the series aims to bring back the fun again. While this does not mean the conflict is completely out of the picture, it will lighten up the show. After all, “Arrow” has more positive storylines these days and with the “The Flash,” things can finally return to its usual Arrowverse form.

Meanwhile, the final episode of Season 3 saw Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) stuck in the speed force. Of course, he will manage to get out, but the earlier mentioned source pointed out that Allen might not be the same again once he returned. There is no need to worry as the change will reportedly not bring a negative result. Still, the producers are considering where the show went wrong in Season 3, and they have to take note of it.

The Flash” executive Todd Helbing revealed at San Diego Comic-con International where his mistake was in the Season 3 story arc. Helbing explained they should have revealed Savitar's identity earlier because Grant Gustin made an awesome performance for it. On the other hand, the said CW series has obviously become a tricky one for the viewers as they uncover the real identity of Savitar.

In the end, Helbing is more than proud of what they did during the previous season.

What to expect in Season 3

Helbing announced as well that the series will set aside speedsters villain for now, which means there will be less time travel. It is the Season 4’s goal to let the viewers enjoy since Helbing believes Season 3 is the darkest they will ever go.

The upcoming season will have the chance to test the waters, which can identify better aspects for the series.

Moreover, a future West-Allen wedding was also hinted in the future, so let us watch out for that. Share your thoughts about “The Flash” Season 4 in the comment section!